Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A visit from Aunt Mary and Aunt Jodi & Baby's First Christmas

Two of my sisters, Mary and Jodi, flew out to Pennsylvania from Wisconsin on Friday to spend Christmas with us. We had fun walking up and down Main Street, checking out stores at the mall, and just hanging out watching movies. On Christmas Eve, Mary put together a great meal that we're still eating leftovers of. That night, we went to the Christmas Eve service at church and then came back and exchanged presents. Isabella received more cute outfits from her aunts and other family and friends. She is going to be one very well-dressed baby! On Christmas Day, we all slept in very late and spent the majority of the day watching movies and just spending time together. We also celebrated Jodi's eighteenth birthday. Her actual birthday is December 26, but since they were flying back to Wisconsin that day, we celebrated on Christmas. Overall, we had a very fun visit that went very fast.

Isabella meeting Aunt Mari for the first time Posted by Picasa

Isabella meeting Aunt Jodi for the first time Posted by Picasa

Izzy in her Christmas Eve outfit that says "Baby's First Christmas" Posted by Picasa

Auntie Mary burping Izzy Posted by Picasa

Izzy asleep after finishing her bottle Posted by Picasa

The Kilps family after the Christmas Eve service at church Posted by Picasa

Relaxing on the couch Posted by Picasa

Isabella wore this cute outfit on Christmas Day. The apron says, "Baked with love for Santa." Posted by Picasa

Isn't she cute Posted by Picasa

Sleepy baby girl Posted by Picasa

Izzy and her Aunties Posted by Picasa

We celebrated Jodi's '18th' birthday on Christmas. Her birthday is December 26th. Posted by Picasa

Jodi blowing out her eighteen candles! Posted by Picasa

Mommy and daughter on Christmas Posted by Picasa

Isabella holding her Aunts' hands Posted by Picasa

"Please, don't take my picture right now." Actually, Isabella often has her hands in front of her face like this, usually when she's sleeping or just waking up.  Posted by Picasa

Auntie Jodi spending a few more minutes with Isabella before heading back to Wisconsin Posted by Picasa

Daddy burping Izzy after feeding her a bottle. Posted by Picasa

Izzy sleeping in front of her Santa that says "Baby's First Christmas." Posted by Picasa

First bottle and first real bath

This was a week of firsts for our little "Isabelly-boo". On Wednesday, she had her first bottle (besides the ones they offered her while in the NICU at the hospital). She took to the bottle really well, which we were pleased with. Now, she gets one bottle a day, usually some time in the afternoon. We also gave her a real bath. I was hoping that she would like these better than the sponge baths, but that was not the case. She screamed the entire time. This little girl really likes to be all bundled up, so I think it scares her a little to have so much freedom of movement.

Isabella playing on the floor Posted by Picasa

Izzy and her Teddy Posted by Picasa

Isabella often smiles as she's drifting off to sleep. Here, we caught the tail-end of a smile. She has not given us a conscious smile, but even these sleepy ones make our hearts melt.  Posted by Picasa

Daddy getting Izzy ready for her first real bath. Posted by Picasa

You can't really tell from this picture, but Isabella was one unhappy girl during this bath. Posted by Picasa

Isabella's first bottle given by Daddy Posted by Picasa