Monday, April 24, 2006

Rolling over (almost)

Isabella rolled over for the first time this past week. However, we're not totally sure that it counts because we had to help her get her arms in the exact right position before she was able to do it on her own. The strength is definitely there, she just has difficulty getting her arms in the right spot. Yesterday, she was super close, so it is just a matter of time.

This morning, Isabella brought lots of smiles to our faces. I was in the bathroom getting ready when I heard some giggles coming from the living room. I assumed that Daddy was playing with Isabella and making her laugh. When I went in to see, I saw her all alone on the floor. She was making herself laugh. I have no idea what was so funny but it made me love her even more!

Lately, this has been Isabella's favorite position - one or both feet in the air. I decided to try it once and my legs were tired after about a minute. For some reason, she finds this to be comfortable!

Snoozing on the couch

Sitting up with help from her Boppy. She's getting so strong!

Dancing with Daddy in the living room.

Some others that I love. . . 

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our trip to North Carolina - Happy Easter!

We headed down to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a long Easter weekend. Isabella did great in the car ride and loved seeing her Grandma and Aunts. Andy was a little outnumbered by females as he was the only male. We ate lots of good food, relaxed, walked through Old Salem, and enjoyed family time. The trip was great and went very fast. Now, we're in the home stretch as far as Andy's semester is concerned. He has a lot of work to do in the next two and a half weeks, but then he's done! All we have to do is survive the next few weeks!

Enjoy all the pictures from our trip!

Auntie Lori and Isabella hanging out at the hotel

Let's go for a walk!

Isabella with Mommy and Auntie Lori

Grandma and Isabella in Aunt Bia's backyard.

Mommy and Belly!

Snuggling up with Aunt Jodi - time for another nap!

Isabella and Grandma Debbie

Something must have been funny!

Isabella with (Great) Aunt Bia

Easter Sunday!!! Isabella with Auntie Jodi

Three Generations

Getting ready for Isabella's first time in the pool.

She did much better than I thought she would. The water was pretty cold so I thought Isabella would cry as soon as her feet hit the water, but she ended up doing very well.

Looking cute in her little bikini!

The Easter Bunny (in the form of Grandma Debbie, Aunt Bia, and Great Grandma Helen) was very good to Isabella!

Isabella received lots of attention from her Aunts during our trip

Isabella and Auntie Mary

Resting peacefully with Auntie Mary

Aunt Bia and Isabella - Aunt Bia's backyard looked so beautiful with all of the flowers in bloom.

So happy just to be in her Pack N Play.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Our fur coat lady!

She kind of blends right in with her stuffed animals.

Where's Isabella?

Fun on the floor

Isabella and her ducky

I love her eyes in this picture.

Happy girl

Cute smile

Baby with an attitude.

I got her all bundled up for a walk. The sun was hot but the breeze was cold. I wanted to be sure that she stayed warm. Isabella isn't the biggest fan of getting all bundled up.

She doesn't normally like her Snugli front carrier, so I was happy when she tolerated it enough for me to take a walk.

She fell asleep during out walk.

Since Isabella was approaching the weight limit for the bassinet part of her Pack N Play, we decided that it was time to graduate her into a crib. Here it is! I still plan to rearrange the wall hangings so they're more centered around the crib, but now Isabella's 'nursery' is just about finished!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Four months old!

Isabella is four months old now! Can you believe it?! We took her to the doctor on Thursday and found out her updated stats. . . Weight: 13lbs. 6 oz. (50th percentile), Length: 25 1/4 inches (90th percentile), and I didn't catch her head circumference but that was also 50th percentile. Everything is looking great and she is getting stronger and stronger every day! Unfortunately for Isabella, she had to get four more shots again. They were hard for her to receive and hard for us to watch, but I think that we all did a little better this time than last time.

Saturday night, there was a parent's night out at our church where different individuals from the church volunteered to watch the kids while all the parents got together for some food and fun. This was our first time leaving Isabella with someone else (besides family). We were a little nervous about it, but she did so good in the nursery with all the other kids. It was a huge relief for us.

Isabella is getting much stronger so tummy time is becoming a little more fun for her.

She's even smiling - which seldom happens during tummy time!

One might say, she's actually enjoying tummy time!

Making one of her cute little faces.

Four month old Teddy Bear pictures.

She just received her shots a couple of hours 
before these pictures were taken.

You wouldn't know though, since she's so happy.

Our little girl is getting so big!

She likes to practice sitting up with Daddy

Totally naked, except for her socks! Cute socks, huh!

Sitting in her Bumbo. Isabella is starting to like this seat more and more.

We had some beautiful weather this weekend, so we decided to take advantage of it.

I love these beautiful trees!

Taking some time to smell the flowers.