Monday, June 26, 2006

Look what I can do!

This has been another busy week for all of us. Isabella has made some huge developmental milestones. She can now sit up by herself for about thirty seconds before getting tired. She doesn't sit up on her own every time, but she is getting there.

She also rolled over from her back to belly. Isabella has been really enjoying being on her tummy lately. She pushes herself up with her arms and gets so proud.

Isabella is so happy just to snuggle on the big bed. She loves the big bed!

It's bedtime for Isabella!

Andy and I were setting up to watch a movie and I planned to snack on a Nutty Bar. We placed Isabella on the bed and my snack but have been near her. Andy and I were both focusing on other things and then we looked down to find Isabella chomping down on my Nutty Bar. Fortunately, the plastic was still on and she doesn't have any teeth to open the package.

Over the weekend, my whole family rented a house in on the Mississippi River for some family fun. It is a rare day that all of us are together. We had so much fun and are already planning our trip for next year. My sister, Lori, turned sixteen yesterday and we celebrated her birthday as well. I love spending time with family.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!

On the way back, we passed through Andy's hometown and visited with Grandpa and Grandma Kilps and Uncle Tom. Isabella was so excited to see more family. Our visit was quick, but lots of fun!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Auntie Lori holding her as she gets ready to go swimming

Getting her feet wet

Up and down in the water

Mommies and babies!

Grabbing for the toys

Working on her back float

First swim lesson

Isabella had her first swim lesson this past Wednesday. Two of my sisters, Kristen and Lori, are lifeguards at a local pool that also offers swim lessons. Throughout the whole summer, Isabella will have a half hour lesson every Wednesday morning. Overall, her first lesson went really well. She didn't cry at all! I think that she'll have even more fun once she gets used to being in the water.

We started Isabella on peas this week - which she already likes much better than the green beans. I don't think I blame her - the peas do taste much better.

Isabella still doesn't have any teeth, but she has been in a better mood this week, so it's still anybody's guess as to when these teeth will show.

This picture is of Isabella with her Great Grandpa Jim. She met him for the first time this past week!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Teething, dogs, and meeting the rest of the family

Isabella hasn't been quite her usual, happy self this past week. We really think that teething is the culprit and wish that these teeth would show up already. She is chomping down on things like crazy and gets really mad if I try to stick my finger on her gums to see what is going on. My mom said that it took a while for our teeth to come in - this could be a long road!

One of our family dogs, Brandy, has taken quite a liking to Isabella. She follows Isabella around everywhere and is always giving her kisses. It is really cute.

Isabella was finally able to meet the rest of my family this week. Everyone loves her and she is getting so much attention.

Isabella and Uncle Jeff

Isabella and Uncle Scott

Isabella and Auntie Jodi on her graduation day!

Isabella with my Aunt Cindy and Auntie Mary

Brandy is Isabella's shadow - she follows her around everywhere!

She loves to give kisses to Isabella (I'm not so sure that Isabella loves those kisses on the mouth)

There's Brandy in the background

Brandy just loves to be near Isabella

Standing up - this is her new favorite thing to do - if she had it her way, she'd be standing up all day long!

Isabella with Auntie Jodi & Auntie Kristen

Sitting up

Isabella and Grandpa Mike

Our visit with Great Grandma Rose

Isabella and Auntie Kristen

Asleep in Grandma's arms - Isabella looks huge in this picture!

Trying green beans for the first time

Green beans did not go over too well the first time!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Kilps Family visit in Verona

This website was giving me grief yesterday, so today I'm finally able to finish it up. Last week, we enjoyed our time in Verona with Andy's side of the family. Isabella was able to meet the majority of the family and we all had a great time together. We were very excited to meet our new nephew, Tyler, who is so adorable. We also got to hang out with our good friends, the Golacksons, and meet their newest addition, Caedmon. With all the kiddos in one house, things got a little crazy at times, but we still had a blast!

Now we're staying in Kenosha for the summer with my side of the family and Andy is just about to begin his chaplaincy internship at a hospital. It feels so good to be back home and we look forward to all the time that we'll get with family this summer!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lily & Caedmon Golackson and Isabella

Isabella and Tyler - I can't believe she was this little at one time!

Lisa (Andy's cousin) and Isabella

Isabella and Elena - a baby will put just about anything in their mouth!

Me and Dianna (Andy's cousin) and our silly girls!

Me & Isabella, Laura & Tyler, and Dianna & Elena

Jacob about to give Isabella a kiss

I love my cousin!

All the cousins!

Uncle Tom and the little ones.

Uncle Tom pretending to be one of the babies!

Isabella with Grandpa & Grandma Kilps

Time with the Graf's

We really enjoyed getting together again with the Graf family. At this time last summer, Braden was about Isabella's age. He has grown up so much since we saw him last - talking and walking. It's crazy to think that Isabella will be doing those things at this time next year!