Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jeff awaiting his bride

Here comes the bride!
Isabella enjoyed playing with Michelle's son Tyler
Isabella and Uncle Scott
Isabella and Auntie Lori
The Wedding Party
The getaway truck
Staying dry under some light sprinkling
Daddy and Isabella
The whole Benetti Family
Family Picture
My two handsome brothers
Isabella had a great time!
Isabella and Grandpa Mike
Time to eat cake!
Funny cake topper
4 generations
My dad and his brother, Brian
Me and my cousin Sherri
First dance as husband and wife!

Congratulations Jeff and Steph! We'll miss you when you move to Austin, TX. We love you!

My Brother's Wedding

On Saturday, July 22nd, 2006, Jeffery Michael and Stephanie Kay became husband and wife. With the exception of a few sprinkles, the day was beautiful and absolutely perfect. The wedding took place in my grandparents backyard and it was the perfect garden location. My brother looked very handsome and Steph was the picture-perfect bride. We all had a great time and partied until late in the evening. Isabella did very well with all of the wedding festivities and looked adorable in her dress. We are so happy for my brother and his new wife. Welcome to the family, Steph! We are all so happy to have you as our new sister! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Benetti!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hanging out with the Flowers'

Isabella enjoyed meeting Kurt and Jenny Flowers and we had fun spending time with good friends that we haven't seen since their wedding back in October. Back then, Isabella was still about two months away from being born and now she is growing into such a big girl!

We look forward to seeing the Flowers' more while we're home for the summer!

Isabella started fruit this week - apples and bananas. So far so good. I'm grateful to have such a good eater!

Our house has been busy this week as we prepare for my brother's wedding which is this Saturday! The day that once seemed so far away is now here! Wedding pictures are soon to come. . .

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Closer to crawling!

Isabella is starting to push her whole body off the ground. It's kind of tough to see in these pictures, but the only parts of her body touching the ground are her hands and feet. She's starting to scoot around a little more - the only bummer for her is that she moves backwards more than forwards.
We had our first "owie" this week. I was brushing my feet about 10 feet from where Isabella was playing on the bedroom floor. I turned my head for a second and she rolled over - hitting her head on the corner of the bed frame. She calmed down pretty quickly, but I felt bad. I know that this is just the beginning of the bumps and bruises.

Isabella with Great Grandma Rose - she loves to rock with Great Grandma!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Laying low

This has been a pretty relaxing week for us. Andy's well into his chaplaincy internship at the hospital. The commute is long and the days are long, but overall this is a good experience for him. I'm really enjoying being a full time mom for Isabella. We love being near family and having baby sitters whenever we need them. Once a week, Andy and I hit up Starbucks for some quality couple time. These mini-dates have given us a great chance to reconnect and have uninterrupted conversations. In other news, we started Isabella on squash this week and it is her favorite food by far! She just gobbles it up! If she likes some of these veggies so much, I can't wait to see her reaction to fruit!
What a little ham! Isabella has this new smile where her whole face scrunches up and her eyes become little slits that you can barely see. We think it's cute.

Here it is again! She seems to enjoy being outside!Bath time is so relaxing!
I haven't had a chance to do a lot of scrapbooking this past month, but I did manage to get Isabella's month pages done. I'm supposed to credit who made the materials that I used, but I forgot to pay attention. I will be better about this in the future.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Seven months old!

Isabella is now seven months old. I feel like she just turned six months, but here we are - another month has gone by. We enjoy watching her explore this world around her. Everything is new and exciting when you look at it through the eyes of a baby, to whom everything is new and exciting. The simplest things will bring joy to this little girl, which in turn, brings us joy. She is such a blessing.

The two loves of my life!

We started carrots this week and she loves them!

Super Baby!!!
Isabella has been sitting up for longer periods of time. She really seems to enjoy it. I guess it gives her a whole new perspective on her surroundings.

Mississippi Point Park

We had a fun weekend in Minnesota visiting with Andy's sister and family. We always enjoy getting together with them. On Saturday, we went to a local park for a picnic. Grandpa Kilps, Uncle Tim, Andy, and Jacob were able to do a little fishing. Our two-year-old nephew, Jacob, was the only one to catch a fish and he caught not only one, but two fish! Way to go Jacob!

Tim and Laura brought a tent for the kiddos to nap in at the park. Isabella and Tyler both slept soundly in the great outdoors!

The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed some good relaxing.

Fun at the Meade House

Isabella playing with Auntie Laura

They're having so much fun together!
Sleepy Tyler-Man
Our big girl!