Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Beginning of the End. . .

Andy's health has been fully restored. Last Sunday was the worst and each day since has gotten a little better. He's still working at gaining his appetite back, but he's just about there! Tonight, Andy is finishing up a paper for his January course and tomorrow marks the beginning of his last semester in seminary! How exciting! Graduation is just three and a half months away!

Bella continues to get cuter each day. She's been waving a lot lately and when I put her to bed last night, I said my usual. . . "Goodnight Pumpkin. Sweet dreams. I love you. See you in the morning." Just before I started to walk away, she started waving goodnight to me. Sometimes I get a little sentimental about her growing up, but times like these are just too precious and they make me enjoy the little person that she is growing into. Here are some other things going on in Bella World. . .

1. She is going through another 'I-don't-like-getting-my-diaper-changed' phase. Every time we approach the changing table, she gets upset. Laying still is not one of her favorite things.
2. I've learned that a good way to diffuse a meltdown is to take her to our wall with our family pics hanging up and point to each family member and say their name. By the time we've gotten through all the pictures, Isabella's forgotten what she was so upset about.
3. For the longest time, Isabella has always emptied out her toy shelves or any cupboard in the house. Well, this week, for the first time, she has started to put things back (often to just take them back out again). I caught her putting some of her plastic coins into her toy piggy bank and she put an outfit that I was folding into her diaper bag. This is a start to her learning to clean up!
4. She's really big into picking things up and bringing them to us. When she does, she often says something that kind of sounds like "here" or "here you go". It's possible that we're imagining that, but it really does sound like that.
5. She's starting to point at things like the pictures on the wall or different objects in the books we're reading. I know that pointing is a developmental milestone, so I'm excited to see her starting to do it.

Here's the pictures from our week. . .

She got a little cut above her lip
Swimming in Mommy's coat

Daddy and Bella playing with the camera

"I'm such a happy girl." (Most of the time).

Strike a pose!

"Why do you keep taking pictures of me?!"

Our good little eater

Here's the piggy bank she was playing with when I caught her putting the coins away
A closer look
Favorite Sippy Cup
What a difference. . .

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Roll Family said...

Karen & Andy,
You have such a beautiful little one! I enjoy catching up with your family on lunch breaks. It's fun to see what Bella is up to and wait expectantly for Jed to do it too! ;) Sorry we missed each other over Christmas - hopefully next time your in WI we'll catch up w/ you! God Bless!