Sunday, January 14, 2007


We've successfully completed our first week back and it seemed to go pretty well. Our Christmas decorations are down now and I found places for all of Isabella's new toys. Isabella is walking around much more, though she is still faster at crawling. Her new thing now is climbing. She gets one leg up onto the couch, but doesn't quite have enough momentum to propel her whole body the rest of the way. I suppose it's only a matter of time. We think that Isabella's body may still be on Central time because she has been sleeping in past 9am every morning. I've enjoyed that extra quiet time in the morning, but it has thrown off the rest of the day a little.

Check out Bella's wild hair. She decided that macaroni and cheese would make good hair gel. I guess she was right.

This is her cheesy face. She wrinkles her nose and squints her eyes when she's trying to be cute. Cracks us up every time. Sitting back in her new chair
Taking a little walking tour around the apartment.
I looked into getting a toybox, but the nice wooden ones are really expensive. So, I brought up these green shelves that I had in college and tipped them sideways for Isabella. This actually works out really well. There are four compartments for toys and Isabella can view everything to decide what she wants to play with. I'm so much happier when things are organized.
This coming week should be interesting. Andy's heading out on Tuesday aftermoon for a retreat that is part of the January course he is taking, which means it will be just Isabella and me until Friday afternoon. This means that I will be taking her to work with me for a few days. I'm so glad that the people in my department like seeing Isabella, though I know that my days will be cut short cause there's only so much she can do in my office before getting bored. I'm just hoping that things go smoothly.

I didn't do any scrapbooking while we were gone. It was fun to come back and get a little creative with some of the pictures we took over Christmas.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the nice message. We ended up getting our ice/snow today. A little later then they expected. Anyway...I enjoy reading your blog. Isabella is growing up so fast!

Elizabeth said...'s me again. I noticed that you had switched over to the new blogger. I have not done that yet. I'm afraid I'll lose everything. Was it an easy switch and do you like the new version better?