Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sweet girl

Isabella is starting to hide items on us. The other day, I found some of her toys in the garbage in her room. This morning, she put my little Bible in the bathtub. We definitely have to start keeping tabs on our stuff!

Kind of random. . . we just got a bill in the mail last week for the ambulance that took us to the hospital the night that Isabella was born. Um. . . that was over 14 months ago! I checked with the insurance company and they just submitted that claim this week. Somebody over at that ambulance place isn't doing their job very well.


Jenna said...

that jibber jabber video is just way too cute!!! She's a doll.

Elizabeth said...

I love the 2nd video too. It's way cute!!! My Gabriel has never jabbered that much in one sitting. He's a pretty quiet kid. She's getting really good at walking too! It's amazing how fast they grow up.