Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nursery Woes

For the past few weeks, we've attempted to take Isabella to the nursery at church. Up until now, she's stayed with me, but she's at the point now where she is getting into everything, jabbering all the time, and not interested in sitting still. I keep her with me for the beginning of the service (Andy's always up front during this time) and then take her down for the sermon (if Andy's not giving the sermon then he takes her down). A few times, I was with her in there. Last week, we left her alone. It went OK, though one of the volunteers had to sit with Isabella because she was looking a little unsure of everything. This week, I got called down just a few minutes after I got back into the service because she was crying and couldn't be comforted. Part of the problem is that the service is right during her morning nap time. The other problem is the separation anxiety. When I got there, she went right to me and snuggled with me for a long time. Those who know Isabella well know that she's not much of a snuggler - usually wants to be moving around. Eventually, she got down to play, but she didn't leave my side. We'll keep trying this nursery thing, but it's hard.

Isabella has so many fun toys to play with. She is generally so happy, which is why it was so hard to see her so sad/scared in the nursery.

It's a little blurry, but she's so cute playing in her closet.

We've had so many Daddy/Bella pictures lately that I though some Mommy/Bella pictures were needed.

My big baby! Andy crawled into Isabella's crib after we went in there to get her up from her nap. Bella played with him in there for a while, then I got her out and that's when I took the picture. I was afraid that Andy would break the crib, but I guess it is sturdier than I thought!

On Friday, Andy had his last meeting with the Ordination Review Committee (ORC). He is now technically open for a call to a church, though those don't usually happen until the spring (sometimes later). Still, it's a sign that the end is near. We're both starting to get antsy. . .

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bratschfamily said...

Congratulations Andy! That is such a huge accomplishment; we wish you guys the best and will be praying for you as you wait for God's call to a church (or where ever he may have you). We are anxiously awaiting this day too (only 2 more years for us). -Jess Bratsch