Sunday, March 11, 2007

Signs and Teeth

Isabella learned her first sign. We've been working with her on some sign language and she has already picked up 'please'. Well, it's not the actual sign, more like her version of it; but she is very consistent with using it. She actually uses it all the time now. When she wants something, she points to it and does her sign. It's really cute and much nicer than the whining or the "eh, eh" that she was previously doing when she wanted something. She has also done the sign for 'milk' a few times, but I think it may have just been a coincidence because she's not very consistent with that one. She's starting to say Mama more often. In fact, it must have been her favorite word this weekend, because she was saying it a lot! Ahh, music to my ears! We also think that she says "What's that?" when pointing to things. I also discovered, this week, that Isabella can stack things. We were playing with her plastic stars and she stacked four - one on top of the other. She's learning new things all the time!

Yesterday, Isabella was a little grumpy in the early evening. For the past week, I knew that she was working on a molar, but yesterday, I discovered that she is actually working on all four of them. The top two have already poked through, the bottom right is just about to and the bottom left is close behind. That really explains the crankiness!

The photo up above is from today. We took advantage of the extra daylight and went for a walk. I've had more cabin fever this year than any other. It was still a little chilly, but felt nice to get outside.

Bella has always loved to play with phones. Now it seems she's actually starting to learn how to use them. Sometimes, when we ask her to say hello, she'll put the phone up to her ear and pretend to talk. (Please ignore the dirty mirror. The glare from the flash really accentuates the handprints, which, by the way, are all Bella's. It's hard to keep that thing clean when she's always touching it, but I promise that it doesn't generally look this bad).
I had a hard time taking pictures of Isabella this week. She was either on the go or didn't feel like smiling for the camera. So, this is the best I could do for pics. . . Isabella playing with some old boots.

Scrapbook pages. . .

Meeting Jacob
Where's Bella?
Family Pajama DayThat's all for now!

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