Thursday, April 05, 2007

Staying up late!

Our church has services every night leading up to Easter. The service doesn't start until 7pm. On a normal week, Bella is usually in bed around 7:30pm. Not this week! We don't even leave the church until 8pm and then it's about a twenty-five minute drive home. By the time we get in the door and get Bella ready for bed, it's about 9pm. She's such a trooper when it comes to us messing with her schedule - I hope we can get her back to 7:30pm next week.

Here she is showing off her tongue. Whenever we ask Bella where her tongue is, she sticks it out. So far, she knows her tongue, hair, eyes, belly-button, feet, and anyone else's nose - just not her own. We're getting there. She's really into the camera. It's tough to take her picture because she just wants to hold/play with the camera. Her big thing lately is doing a quick pose and then running to me so that she can see the picture. First bite of an apple. Daddy pealed an apple for Bella and she loved taking huge bites out of it. We still cut her food into small pieces, but she's beginning to want to eat things the way that we do. Yummy!!!

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