Monday, May 28, 2007

Messy meals and cute clothes

Messy face after drinking some of my blueberry smoothie!This photo is a little blurry because she was running. . . but isn't she so cute in this little outfit!Gotta love ravioli!!!Yummy! Yummy!We went to a wedding yesterday. Bella wore the same dress that she wore to my brother's wedding back in July. I was so happy that it still fit!We came home after the wedding reception to find that the power was out on our entire street! We ended up putting Bella to bed by candlelight - which was actually kind of nice. The power came back around midnight.

This week we're taking our little trip to Washington D.C. We'll be gone Wednesday and Thursday. Should be fun!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Early last week, I woke up with an icky cold that totally zapped me of all my energy and made me pretty miserable for a few days. Now, poor Bella seems to have the same cold. I heard her tossing and turning last night and making some whimpering sounds. Shortly after 3am, she woke up crying. When I picked her up, she felt really hot. I took her temp. and it was 102.5. After stripping her down to a t-shirt and diaper, we rocked - for an hour. She was so congested and I'm guessing that her throat was hurting because she seemed to want some water but would push it away after taking a quick sip. She took an extra nap today. Her nose was constantly dripping and I was constantly wiping it. I really hope that she feels better soon. Andy's out of town at a seminar, so it's just me and the little one. At least I'm not sick anymore or this would have been a rough week.

Yesterday, before Bella was feeling so crummy, we went to the library to play on the steps (Bella's favorite activity). How's this for a different view?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Andy's last Sunday/Mother's Day

Andy has interned at Nazareth Moravian Church for the past two years and this past Sunday was his last day. He received many gifts from the church and so many people were very generous. They also provided some yummy cake after church for a final gathering and a time to say goodbye to everyone. Denny has been Andy's supervising pastor during his time at this church. It's amazing how similar these two are. Denny often comments on how much Andy reminds him of himself. Here we are outside the church.Later in the day, we shifted into celebrating Mother's Day. First, Andy's mom opened up her gifts. Bella really enjoyed playing with Grandma's shoes. Whenever she'd get the chance, she'd often bring them to Grandma. Looks like she's trying to read me my card. I received some new summer tops! Definitely something that I needed and wanted! Andy picked them out all by himself!Later in the evening, we went for a walk. I had to get a picture with my little girl on Mother's Day!Bella and Uncle Tom!It was a nice night for a little run!Some exciting news: Yesterday was my last day at work. I am now an official stay-at-home-mom! I had a great job and worked with wonderful people; but now I'm ready to focus more on my family and my home. I am very happy!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We have a seminary graduate!!!

It is official. . . Andy is finished with seminary!!! This weekend was filled with graduation festivities that began on Friday night with the Senior Banquet which had the theme of "Bloom where you are planted". Each senior was given a gift and a plant/flower was picked to describe them. For Andy, they picked a palm tree cause it represents spiritual victory, success, and eternal peace.
Later in the evening, there was some music and dancing. Bella got to stay up way past her bedtime! Here she is dancing with Rebecca and Christie.
My turn to dance with the little lady!Andy decided to join in on the fun.
Graduation Day!!!
Bella wore a pretty dress and loved it! Here she is before the ceremony. After Andy walked across the stage to accept his degree, he was given a hood. It sure makes him look 'official'. He also won the Rev. Elmer V. Bender Memorial Award which has been created by Rev. Bender’s sons, Dr. Louis Bender and Mr. Henry Bender, in honor of their father. The prize is awarded to a graduate selected by the faculty who is preparing for the ministry of the Moravian Church and who exemplifies the qualities of leadership and integrity reflected in the life of Rev. Bender.Here he is with two of his former pastors: Steve Gohdes and Erv Boecher (I'm not sure of the spelling on this one). Here he is with his parents. . . . . . and his brother TomUs!Large family picture - the street behind us is the street that we live on.Andy and Tom sitting on the new seminary bench. . . . . . and being silly!Here's a keeper!

Some random pics from our week

It's so much fun to have a messy face!!!Taking the laidback approach to learning her signs: Bella is usually standing up and dancing around when a Signing Time dvd is on, but once in a while she just likes to sit back and watch.The weather has been gorgeous this week!Bella is such a daddy's girl lately. She just learned how to say 'Daddy' and she says it all the time now (especially when she sees Daddy up front at church)!PERSEVERANCEBEAUTIFUL IT'S SIGNING TIME

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Plan

Now that it's May, it's really starting to hit us that we're going to be checking out of here pretty soon. Since we don't know anything yet as far as what church Andy is going to be called to, our plan is to pack up our stuff at the end of the month, place it in storage out here, and then head back to Wisconsin to spend time with family. We technically have our apartment until the end of June but figured that our time would be better spent back home. Between now and then, there is a lot going on. . . Andy's family is coming out at the end of the week for graduation, I'll finish up with work the following week, we're taking a mini family vacation to Washington D.C., Andy has a week-long church planting conference from May 20-25, and then it's time to pack things up! Definitely busy. . . but all good stuff!

Bella is standing on the senior gift to the seminary: a new bench out front. Andy helped to organize this gift and Bella was the first person to sit on it!Either I was a little off or Bella was moving around a lot because all of my pics are off-centered!One afternoon, Bella and I were taking a walk through a nearby cemetery. As I was reading a headstone, Bella came up to me and showed me what was in her hands. It took a moment for it to register that she was holding a butterfly by the wings between her thumb and index finger. Startled, I somewhat yelled at her to let go and then I waved her hand until she did. As the butterfly dropped to the ground, I was afraid that she really hurt it. It was beautiful. . . deep purple, royal blue, and black. Thankfully, I went over to the butterfly and it flew off. After this, I had a little talk with Bella about how some things in nature are pretty to look at, but we need to keep our hands off.

Finished with Seminary