Monday, May 28, 2007

Messy meals and cute clothes

Messy face after drinking some of my blueberry smoothie!This photo is a little blurry because she was running. . . but isn't she so cute in this little outfit!Gotta love ravioli!!!Yummy! Yummy!We went to a wedding yesterday. Bella wore the same dress that she wore to my brother's wedding back in July. I was so happy that it still fit!We came home after the wedding reception to find that the power was out on our entire street! We ended up putting Bella to bed by candlelight - which was actually kind of nice. The power came back around midnight.

This week we're taking our little trip to Washington D.C. We'll be gone Wednesday and Thursday. Should be fun!!!

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Grandma said...

She looks just as cute in the dress now as she did at Uncle Jeff's wedding.