Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Early last week, I woke up with an icky cold that totally zapped me of all my energy and made me pretty miserable for a few days. Now, poor Bella seems to have the same cold. I heard her tossing and turning last night and making some whimpering sounds. Shortly after 3am, she woke up crying. When I picked her up, she felt really hot. I took her temp. and it was 102.5. After stripping her down to a t-shirt and diaper, we rocked - for an hour. She was so congested and I'm guessing that her throat was hurting because she seemed to want some water but would push it away after taking a quick sip. She took an extra nap today. Her nose was constantly dripping and I was constantly wiping it. I really hope that she feels better soon. Andy's out of town at a seminar, so it's just me and the little one. At least I'm not sick anymore or this would have been a rough week.

Yesterday, before Bella was feeling so crummy, we went to the library to play on the steps (Bella's favorite activity). How's this for a different view?


Aunt Jodi and Grandma said...

Bella is getting so big. I hope she feels better real soon.

Elizabeth said...

I hope you guys are feeling better...I love the pictures of her playing at the library. Very cute!