Sunday, May 13, 2007

We have a seminary graduate!!!

It is official. . . Andy is finished with seminary!!! This weekend was filled with graduation festivities that began on Friday night with the Senior Banquet which had the theme of "Bloom where you are planted". Each senior was given a gift and a plant/flower was picked to describe them. For Andy, they picked a palm tree cause it represents spiritual victory, success, and eternal peace.
Later in the evening, there was some music and dancing. Bella got to stay up way past her bedtime! Here she is dancing with Rebecca and Christie.
My turn to dance with the little lady!Andy decided to join in on the fun.
Graduation Day!!!
Bella wore a pretty dress and loved it! Here she is before the ceremony. After Andy walked across the stage to accept his degree, he was given a hood. It sure makes him look 'official'. He also won the Rev. Elmer V. Bender Memorial Award which has been created by Rev. Bender’s sons, Dr. Louis Bender and Mr. Henry Bender, in honor of their father. The prize is awarded to a graduate selected by the faculty who is preparing for the ministry of the Moravian Church and who exemplifies the qualities of leadership and integrity reflected in the life of Rev. Bender.Here he is with two of his former pastors: Steve Gohdes and Erv Boecher (I'm not sure of the spelling on this one). Here he is with his parents. . . . . . and his brother TomUs!Large family picture - the street behind us is the street that we live on.Andy and Tom sitting on the new seminary bench. . . . . . and being silly!Here's a keeper!


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Congrats on the graduation! How wonderful!!!