Thursday, July 19, 2007

Simple Pleasures

This photo may look upside down, but it is not. It's just Bella playing on a pile of pillows and blankets that Jodi placed on the TV room floor. Bella has seriously had the best time playing in this. . . she particularly likes to get a running start and then jump face first into the pile. Now I know what to do when I need to occupy her for a few minutes!Taking a breather and telling Grandma quite the story!Another joy in life is the little blue horse.Auntie Lori gave her quite the ride!We're back at Andy's parent's place for a few days. Andy's ordination is this Saturday at his home church in Madison. On Sunday we're heading back to my parent's house and then we'll leave Monday morning for New Jersey. I'm already feelings lots of mixed emotions - excitement about what's to come but also really sad to say goodbye to our family. . . we've been really spoiled with how much time we've gotten to spend together over the past few weeks and I'm going to miss that.

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