Sunday, September 30, 2007

Five years of marriage. . .

Our fifth anniversary was this past Friday. Andy lined up a couple from church to watch Bella and we went out for a nice dinner, just the two of us. It has been a long time since we've done this and it was so nice. I was a little nervous about how Bella would do with the sitters - we haven't exactly been the best about leaving her with other people. Thankfully, she did so well. It helps that she feels pretty comfortable with this couple. Now if we could just get her comfortable with going to the nursery on Sunday mornings. . .

Andy surprised me with these flowers - five daisies to represent our five years of marriage.He also got me a tart burner and some tarts. . . lots of fall scents: pumpkin, cinnamon, and vanilla. I love these scents!I made him this little photo collage and am going to frame it. I also bought him some cologne (the same fragrance that I gave him on our wedding day). Every time he wears this cologne, it reminds me of our early days of marriage. We both love that smell. Earlier in the day. . . trying to get a good picture of me and Bella togetherMaking paper hats and being silly.
Bella was really into her drawing, so we let her take her pen and paper to the table when it was time for dinner.
She did manage to get a few bites of food throughout the mealtime. Hands full. . . she is also carrying a tennis ball that is hidden by the purple ball. The kids loves playing with balls!Playing on the steps of the Christian Education BuildingA SMILETRIP TO THE SHOREPLAYING IN THE WATER
We've been enjoying our new schedule with Andy working and me staying home. The days of juggling childcare with my job and Andy's classes are over. I didn't really realize how busy things were until now, when they're not so busy. We have much more time to spend together. I'm sure that things are bound to pick up; but for now, this is really nice.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back from the shore. . .

We enjoyed our quick visit to the shore. Bella loved the ocean air. While Andy was busy with retreat stuff, Bella and I took walks in this practically deserted beach town. Some of the homes were just gorgeous. I can see why people come to the shore to relax. . . it does feel like a nice getaway (at least in the off-season).

Bella's first view of the ocean.Taking it all in.
This was paradise. . . all sorts of rocks and shells to collect!Bella loved to stand at the shore as the waves came up and splashed her. Even when her lips were purple and her whole body was shivering, she did not want to leave the water (or the 'pool' as she kept calling it). I couldn't resist a family photo.It was kind of a windy day.Back home: Bella strikes a pose. I am loving how easy it is to get a good photo of her these days!This is a rare sight. . . Bella asleep on the couch. We never, ever see this kid asleep (she doesn't fall asleep until after we leave her room and we don't go in again until she's awake). She didn't take much of a nap on this day, so I just got her out of her crib and let her watch some videos while she relaxed on the couch. I was busy with some stuff in the kitchen and when I went in to check on her she was out. I love watching her sleep when I get the chance. Bath time tonight! Looks like she's belting out quite the tune!My little ham!Drying off. . . and so sweet!We have a squeegee for our shower and Bella likes to use it on the cabinet door. More house pictures:

Our Bedroom:Bella's room:Her closet. . . they don't make them like this anymore (which is a good thing)! This is why she needs two dressers!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Off to the shore. . .

We hear these words a lot around here. . . "I'm off to the shore this weekend." We live a little over an hour away from the Jersey shore and it is definitely a hot spot in the summer. Tomorrow we'll get to see what all the fuss is about. Andy has a pastor's retreat at the shore and Bella and I get to tag along. It's just a short little trip as we will return home on Tuesday. This will be Bella's first trip to the ocean.

Here's what Bella has been up to:
Playing in her toybox. Snuggling with her penguin, Private. He's one of the penguins from the movie 'Madagascar' which Bella loves right now. Playing on the church steps. . . always a fun activity.Being such a good mommy to her babies.Having a heart-to-heart with Daddy.Bella's new hobby: rock collecting. She likes to dig through the wood chips until she finds a rock and then she brings it over to her car. Sometimes I catch her smuggling a few in her fists when it's time to go inside. Sitting pretty with a few of her prized rocks. Notice that she has a little 'owie' by her eye. She was running through the parking lot, chasing her ball, when she tripped on the ball and landed on her face. Poor thing. It always makes me sad when she gets hurt while doing something that she really enjoys. I decided to bring my journal outside to write down a few thoughts while Bella was playing. Bella had other ideas. Notice that she has a few rocks nearby. We're finally got around to painting Bella's room. We still have to hang curtains and pictures, but it's coming along! Bella really wanted to help out.An artist at work. She really likes to color. . . especially with markers. A sampling of her latest masterpieces.GOING DOWN THE SLIDELIFE'S LITTLE TREASURESSPOONSTENNIS ANYONE?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some photos of the new house!

I have three rooms to reveal. The rest will have to wait until another day. Slowly but surely, this house is coming together, though we still have a few rooms that we need to hang curtains/put pictures up in. . . and Bella's room has yet to be painted. Here's what we have so far. . .

LIVING ROOM: This is the main wall in the living room and this photo was taken while I was standing in the dining room. I have no before photo of this wall.

I sewed together the skirt for the entertainment stand. (I'm not a big fan of staring at all the DVDs we store in there). I also made the pillows.The color or the curtains appears really red in these photos, but it's actually more of a burgundy color. DINING ROOM: My parents gave us their dining room furniture and I think it looks so nice in this house! Funny story about that glass table in these photos. We decided to use it as a kitchen table since we already had the dining room table. We weren't the biggest fans of having a glass table, but didn't see the need to buy another one since this was here already. One night I decided that I needed to do some ironing, but we didn't have an ironing board. No problem! I'll just use the table. A teeny, itsy voice told me that this may not be a good idea, but I ignored it. After a few minutes of ironing, there was a large shatter. I looked down to see this former table in several pieces. I ended up with a few small cuts, but nothing too serious. So, here's a word to the wise. . . never iron on a glass table. The angles of the before and after pics are a little off, but it's of the same area of the room. This doorway leads into the kitchen.KITCHEN: The table you see in this after picture was given to us by a member of the church. She also provided us with an ironing board. The news of my little accident apparently traveled fast! Whoops!This is an intermediate photo of our kitchen. We got the color wrong the first time. 'La Fonda Ortiz Gold' looked pretty good at the store, but when we got it on our wall. . . not so much. Thankfully paint is pretty cheap. Another angle in the kitchenWe changed the hardware. . . the blue and yellow stripes just weren't doing it for us. We consider it our gift to the house and to anyone who comes after us. Here are a few photos from our week:
Bella loves to look out the front windowThis is her view. We live on a busy road and there's lots of construction going on. From what I hear, they are definitely building a grocery store and other stuff like a Panera Bread, Starbucks, Old Navy, Hallmark, Kohls, etc. The only definite I know of is this grocery store and the rest are just rumors at this point. Playing on the couchAnother dress-up day!This is a monumental photo here. . . definitely a milestone. This is the first time I have ever said to Bella, "smile" and she did it on command. I usually have to catch her in the act or do something silly to get her to smile. Now she does it when I ask. . . AMAZING!!!
Of course. . . she can still be rather silly. . . like here. . .
. . . and here.
But then she gives me another 'on command' smile!
Scrapbook pages: It's been a while since I've done any scrapbooking. I have a whole summer to catch up on. I'm so thankful for the ease of digital scrapbooking when there's so many pages that I want to do.

CORN ON THE COBFIRST PIGTAILS (whoops. . . just realized that I need to fix the date on this one. It's supposed to be 7-4-07, not 4-4-07. . . another great thing about digital!)LIFE'S SIMPLE PLEASURES