Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes, nesting. The instinct in a mom-to-be that gets her organizing and preparing her house for the addition of another little one. I have been nesting a lot this week - almost obsessively. I need to remember that I still have three months and that everything doesn't have to get done tomorrow. Still, I'm feeling a very strong need to get rid of things we aren't using and to clear up cluttered areas. Due to this nesting, I haven't been too focused on much picture-taking this week. Bella, on the other hand, had her try at the camera. She took this photo of Daddy earlier in the week.And this one of me while we were playing in her room one day. We also have many close-ups of her fingers. . . but she's getting the hang of it. I had another doctor appt. Friday morning. Here I am drinking my yummy (not quite) fruit punch for my glucose test. I don't know when I should hear the results, but I feel pretty confident that I don't have gestational diabetes; so I'm not too concerned. I start going in every two weeks now. Next appt. is October 6th. Our 6th anniversary is tomorrow!!! We have some friends lined up to watch Bella; so that means date night for me and Andy! This is quite a rare event for us, so it should be a nice treat!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First day of school and other ramblings. . .

This photo above pretty much sums up Bella's first reaction to school. She was pretty unsure of things and stayed pretty close to my side at first. As the morning progressed, she branched off a little. We played with the paracute during gym time. Bella had more fun with this than this photo lets on.And slides. . . well, I'm pretty sure they are her favorite thing. Here she is decorating a place mat that she'll use for snack time each week.I didn't manage to catch any photos of her smiling, but she did have fun and already can't wait to go back again on Tuesday.

I must have so many photos of this kid sleeping, but I just can't resist taking pictures of her when she looks so cute and peaceful like this.The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week, which meant that I could take Bella to the park without getting all hot and exhausted after ten minutes. Just as we were headed out the door, she frantically told me that she needed her pink hat and glasses. This kid has a style that is truly all her own. One afternoon, she brought her stroller into the kitchen, sat down, and covered herself with the blanket. If that wasn't a hint that she wanted to go for a walk, I don't know what is. Today was Sunday School kick-off at church. To celebrate, we had a lunch after the service this morning and rented a Moon Bounce for the kids to play in. Bella had a blast and stayed in until the people came to take it down. I put some of our fall decorations out today. Bella's job was to put up the window stickies. She decorated the laundry room very nicely.For those of you who wanted to see my belly. . . here it is. I'm currently 26 weeks. My belly button popped out around 20 weeks - which is 8 weeks before it happened with Bella. I go to the doctor again on Friday for my one hour glucose test.
Bella wasn't feeling too good yesterday. She kept saying that she was hot (and our house was the coolest that it's been all summer). I took her temp. and it was 100 even. Later on she said that her tummy hurt. I put her in the tub and gave her some tums. Shortly before bedtime, she started to perk up and feel better.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Leaves, bikes, and the zoo!

Bella has more bikes than any kid I know. She has a Big Wheel, a tricycle, a motorized bike, a scooter, and a few other random bike variations. We have not purchased any of these for her - they are all hand-me-downs from people at church. Some days I will go outside to find another 'new' bike out there. Up until recently, riding bikes meant lots of work for us by pushing her around the parking lot. Over the past couple of weeks, Bella has finally figured out how to work the pedals! She is so proud of this accomplishment (and so are we)!
The big tree in our yard prematurely loses its leaves. It was time to clean up the yard a little and we knew that Bella would have fun playing in the leaves (she did).In all her fun, she managed to get a few down her shirt.Rainy days can be great when you have the right outfit to wear!We took some friends to the zoo today. All week, the weather was comfortable (70s-80s). Today we were back in the 90s. Not the best zoo weather, but we still had a good time (especially in the air-conditioned exhibits). Bella and her friend Katelyn. They were so cute holding hands together. It's so funny for me to see Bella next to a younger child - makes me realize how big she has gotten!Bella was in the picture-taking mood today! Gotta take advantage of those rare moments!
Daddy had to hold Bella up to see some of the animals. She loved it!
Shortly after visiting the penguins, Bella was asleep. That was pretty much the end of her zoo activities.
This upcoming week will be a big one for Bella. It's going to be her first 'school' experience. I enrolled her in a co-op program. Every Tuesday morning, we'll go to school. The moms attend with the kids and we each take turns teaching the lessons. There will be opening time, crafts, planned activity, snack, etc. - just like any preschool; only I get to be with her. I think she's going to enjoy this.

Bella was eating goldfish crackers the other day. After eating a few, she brought one over to me and put it on my belly saying, "That's for Jellybean." Already sharing!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I remembered to take my camera with me when Bella and I went to the park earlier in the week. She was actually in a picture-taking mood. The problem: my camera battery died just after we got to the park. Lesson learned - check camera battery before leaving the house. At least I got one picture.

Andy's big project this week was painting our downstairs bathroom. Bella was feeling pretty left out of the fun, so we set up her own paint station.
We've had lots of bath times this week - whether Bella's needed it or not. She just loves taking baths. One fun activity that I discovered is blowing bubbles while she's in the tub. Since she's already covered in soapy water, she can actually catch the bubbles instead of them popping instantly the moment she comes into contact with them. In a 2-year-old's world, this is the coolest thing! We've had a sleepy girl on our hands. A few times this week, she has fallen asleep on the couch before bedtime. Her favorite evening snack has been Cheerios lately. Unfortunately, she was too tired to finish them on this particular evening.
I had a doctor appointment on Friday. Everything is still looking great with the baby! We discussed delivery options. Since I've had a previous c-section, I assumed I'd just have another. Now I'm starting to think otherwise. . . we'll see. I go back in 3 weeks for my gestational diabetes test.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Soggy cookies

I made some mac & cheese for lunch the other day. To cool it off for Bella, I poured a little bit of milk in her bowl. The next day, I made some chocolate chip cookies. Bella's cookie was still a little hot when we gave it to her. When we weren't looking, she poured her milk on it - totally drowning the cookie. At least it wasn't hot anymore. She ate it anyway.

Sorry for the lack of photos this week. We really didn't do a ton and I got pretty lazy in the photo department. Hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day!