Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hanging in there. . .

Graydon seems to have made some good progress in figuring out his days and nights. He pretty consistently goes back to sleep after each night feeding - which I'm very grateful for. He's still waking up every 2.5 to 3.5 hours, but he's still a newborn, so I'll cut him some slack. :) I think that keeping up with this blog is a good thing for me or else these early days would fade into one big blur if I didn't take time to document some of this stuff.

With more wakeful times during the day, we've also noticed more fussiness from Graydon this week. He's also been nursing pretty frequently. I did a little research and have decided that he's in a growth spurt. I thought that the first one didn't occur until around 6 weeks; but I read that there is actually one between 2 and 3 weeks. Looks like we're right on schedule for that. I keep thinking that Graydon is older than 18 days. Time has been moving pretty slowly for me with each day blurring into the next. Without any big chunks of sleep at night, I really feel how long a 24 hr. period is. I'm hoping that our next child is born in the spring/summer when the days last longer and you can go outside. I haven't gotten out much lately, though we did take a trip to the mall. Next week, I do have plans to get out of the house. . . with both kids. I think I'm ready.

We had another doctor check-up on Monday. Everything is still great. Graydon is up to 7 lbs. 12 oz. Our doctor put him on his belly and Graydon looked like he was trying to do the worm across the table!
Onto this week's photos. . .

Here's Bella and Daddy doing tummy time with Graydon.
Content on the floor during what we refer to as "happy awake time". "Take a picture of me!" It is still easier than ever to get pics of Bella lately. I love it!Me and my little guy! I'm always the one taking the photos, but I didn't want to forget to get pics of me with Graydon while he's still so little. And yes, those circles under my eyes are there to stay until I start getting more sleep. Another 'happy awake time' in the pack n' play. Bella - post bath, pre getting dressed. Of course, she wanted her picture taken again. Bella loves her little brother!
He's mesmerized by something that Bella is doing.
Graydon's umbilical cord stump fell off on Friday which made him officially ready for a real bath in the tub. We took a little too long in getting Graydon in and he ended up peeing all over me, Andy, and the bathroom. Got me straight in the back as I was leaning over the tub to check the water temperature. Should have known better. As you can see from this photo, Graydon did not enjoy this experience. Poor baby. Bella didn't like baths at first either but soon enough she grew to love them. I think that Graydon will too. . . eventually.


Debbie Bishop said...

Belated congratulations to all of you. Graydon is adorable and Bella looks like she's doing wonderfully as a big sister. I'm glad that everything has gone so well for you. Take care. Debbie Bishop

Kurt and Jenn said...

hey Karen, despite the circles under your eyes you still look great. I think every new born hates their first bath pretty much. you probably already know this or maybe have tried and it doesn't work, but what helped us with these early baths was to have a towel in the dryer getting warmed up to put Payton in when she was done with her bath. She loved to be wrapped up in that warm towel right as she got out of the bath it saved on some (not all) crying when she got out of the bath. Good Luck and keep up the good work.
Love, Jenny Q

Suz said...

Thanks for keepin' on postin' on here! So glad to see all the family and see what's going on with your newest bundle of joy! I hope we will be up there at some point to get to see him before he's all grown up! They do grow up so fast! Miss y'all!

Anonymous said...

i think that graydon has more Benetti traits then Bella!!! :))

love...auntie mary