Sunday, January 25, 2009

A rough week. . .

This is our only photo from the week. I could have taken more, but they would have just been of a screaming baby. Graydon, and therefore the rest of us, have had a tough week. I noticed an increase in his fussiness last week, but it wasn't until the beginning of this week that I realized that it had been days since he's had any happy awake time. Literally, if he was awake then he was crying. I started to think that he might have colic except that colic symptoms seem to peek at a certain time in the day whereas Graydon was upset ALL day. Here are some other symptoms of his:
* arching his neck/back when eating or being held
* lots of spitting up
* wakes up with an intense cry
* pretty gassy
* lots of hiccups that seem to bother him
By Thursday, I decided that he needed to be seen by the doctor to rule out anything major. Not only was Graydon in misery, but I was starting to lose it. I cried every time he did, sometimes out of compassion for Graydon and many times out of feeling overwhelmed and tired. At times I thought it'd be easier if he was my first child because I could give him undivided attention. . . but then I decided it's probably good that he wasn't my first because I would have felt like a total failure as a mother - unable to keep my baby happy. Anyway, we got in to the doctor right away and it turns out that Graydon has reflux. She prescribed Zantac and told us that if it's going to help, we'll see results in 2-3 days. That was three days ago. Thankfully, it does seem to be helping. There are still some fussy times, but Graydon is much easier to console. And, we're seeing more happy awake times again. I pray that things continue to get better.

Onto some good news. . . I think that Graydon smiled at me today - twice! It's a little early and I guess I'm not postive that they were deliberate, but the first one occurred when I was playing with him and clapping his hands. The second time while I was talking to him. Very cute! And, he did really well in his bath tonight. No crying! After I got him dried off and dressed, I propped him up on his boppy and watched as Bella entertained him. It was a lovely way to end the evening.


Anonymous said...

i know reflux is not fun! Hopefully the little guy is doing much better. and hopefully you have been able to get some sleep as well.

auntie mary

Jill said...

Karen, i'm so sorry to hear about Graydon's reflux, but it's very common and hopefully the medicine will cheer him up!

Mom said...

The one picture you posted is really cute. Glad the medicine is working. I guess he does have some Benetti in him even if it is reflux. Hope you can get some rest.