Friday, March 13, 2009

Three year olds. . .

cannot keep a secret.

Bella, Graydon, and I are heading back to Wisconsin for two weeks and are going to miss Andy's birthday. :( We had an early birthday celebration for him yesterday. During the day, Bella and I were busy at work making him birthday cards. Just before we got started, I told Bella that the cards were a surprise. . . don't tell Daddy. You can only guess what the first thing out of her mouth was when Daddy came home for lunch. "Daddy, we make you cards!" Oh well.

Here's Andy "reading" her card.We went out to Chili's for a birthday dinner. Graydon did fantastic! An amazing thing happened this week - he sat in his carseat without crying. Before this, I couldn't put him in the seat until right before heading out the door as he'd cry hysterically. The only way he'd quiet down is if he fell asleep during the car ride. At dinner, he sat in his seat - awake - content as could be until he got tired. After a few minutes of jiggling the seat, he was asleep and we enjoyed the rest of our meal. It was a wonderful family night out.

Graydon also seems to be settling into somewhat of a routine. His naps stink. . . but I'm at least starting to crack the code that is Graydon. Nights are manageable, though we're nowhere near sleeping through. He goes down around 8pm and I can generally get a 4-6 hr. stretch out of him initially. After that, he's up every two hours until about 6:30/7:00am, when he's up for the day. I was just glancing back at Bella's sleep pattern at this age. She was already sleeping through the night! These two kids are definitely different. I know that he will eventually sleep through the night - though I still have a feeling it's pretty far off.Bella strikes again! Snuggling in Bella's room. Grady hanging out on the floor in his room. Does he look a little stunned?As I type, my mom, Jodi, and Scott are headed out this way. They'll arrive sometime tomorrow morning and then we're all heading back to Wisconsin. This will be Graydon's first road trip. I'm praying that it goes well!

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The Josephs Family said...

Good luck on your trip back to WI. Hurry up and get back... it's supposed to be in the 50's through Tuesday!