Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wisconsin recap!

The kids and I are back from our Wisconsin adventure. All things considered, both kids did remarkably well with the long road trip. On the way out, Graydon slept a lot and Bella entertained herself pretty well up until the last 2 hours. It ended up being a pretty late night as we didn't arrive at my parents' house until about 2am. Needless to say, we were all pretty tired the next day.

Here's a few photos of my mom and brother with Graydon. This was when we were still at our house.
That evening, we had another little birthday celebration for Andy. My mom felt bad that we were going to be gone for the big day. Fast forward - in Wisconsin now. The beginning of our first week there was beautiful. Weather in the 60s and 70s. We laid Graydon on a blanket outside. The slight wind bothered him a little, but overall he seemed to enjoy the fresh air. Bella got a good chance to use up some energy. . . . . . hug a tree. . . . . . and feed Grandma's squirrel statue.My mom bought this ball pit for Bella. Somehow I managed to not get a picture of her playing in it. She had so much fun - especially when Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristen made it into a "slide" for her. As you can see here, Graydon didn't mind it himself.Bella thought that Grandma's windows needed some decoration. Graydon hanging out in the blow-up duck (which was really for bathtime). He liked it either way. Graydon with Auntie JodiUncle Aaron and Auntie Jodi. In a couple of short months, it will be their baby between the two of them. Uncle Scott playing with Graydon. Both the kids really bonded with Uncle Scott during our stay.Auntie Mary loves her niece and nephew! The second half of our trip, we stayed at my sister's house. Bella still talks about her dogs - "Tori. . . she's a good girl!"
My little loves.Graydon enjoyed Grandma's bouncy seat. Here he is studying the toys. Bella being a silly girl with the princess crown she won at Chuck E. Cheese. All my sibs (with the addition of Bella, and minus Jeff).
The girls! That's it for our trip - we had a great time! I'm kicking myself that I forgot to get photos of Lori and my dad with Graydon. Must remember that for next time.
Lookie who is three months old!!!This photo just cracks me up. You can tell that Bella is only giving Graydon a kiss because Daddy asked her to. . . and you can totally see in Graydon's expression how thrilled he is with the whole idea. Some cute photos of our little guy. . . I'll leave you with a funny Bella story. Our little lady has been asking lots of random questions lately. When I don't know the answer to something, I just tell her that God made it that way. The other night, she went #2 in the toilet and it was green. Apparently, she listens to what I say as her explanation for the green poopie was that "God made it that way!"

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