Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nothing can feel quite as empowering to a mom. . .

. . . as successfully tackling a large grocery shopping trip with multiple children.

I managed to do just that this week. Other than a soggy list (thanks to Graydon) which led to a big hole in my list (Graydon again), everything went smoothly. And despite that big hole in my list, I left the store with everything that I needed. With a grocery store right across the street, I've been on my own with the kids for food shopping before. Those trip involved packing both kids into the stroller and walking over to pick up our items. It's typically a pretty light load. The convenience of this grocery store is probably why I haven't had to do big shopping with both kids until now. It did feel a little weird driving across the street, but there was no way that I could carry all of the bags and the kids.

It's funny - the reactions from other shoppers. There's the other mothers with their kids whose smiles communicate their understanding that these kids are ticking time bombs, waiting to go off without warning (Graydon). Then there's the shopper who might, unknowingly, be blocking the aisle and who, upon seeing me with one child in the cart, one in a Snugli, (and my soggy list), becomes overly apologetic because they too know that these children are ticking time bombs. And finally, there's the woman who goes goo-goo for Graydon and asks Bella if she likes being a big sister/if she's a good helper/does she like having a brother/etc. She clearly does not get that these kids are ticking time bombs. . . but she's friendly enough that we can appreciate her anyway - even if she did add several minutes to our shopping trip.

Now that I've tackled big food shopping with the kids, I'm pretty much invincible now, right?!
Check out this handsome little guy. His smile literally takes up his whole face. No wonder he's got the ladies going goo-goo over him.
Nothing beats chillin' in a diaper on a hot day. Sweet Bella.
Tonight at dinner, Bella initiated our prayer. Usually one of us prays and lately we've been having Bella repeat what we say. Since she initiated, we asked if she would say the prayer. She did. Here's what she said. . .

"Dear God.
Thank you for the day.
Thank you for Auntie Jodi's baby. . .
and for her being well.
Thank you for the food
and for love.

She's precious. And she's got the same big smile that her brother has.
Donnie (Auntie Mary's nickname for Graydon) getting some good use out of his exersaucer. He's becoming such a big boy. As eluded to by Bella's prayer, my sister, Jodi, had her baby this week! Ava Yvonne Kreuser was born on May 13th at 7:43pm. She is 6 lbs. 9oz. and almost 19 inches long. I can't wait to hold this little baby! One more week until our trip back to Wisconsin!


Anonymous said...

Bella's prayer was soo precious!! She's becoming such a beautiful little girl! And Graydon aka Donnie is becoming such a ham!! Can't wait to see you guys in a week. I have the week off so we all can spend as much time together. :))

ps...Ava was born at 7:43


Auntie Mary

Kreuser Family said...

Bella's prayer made me cry...twice! That was the cutest thing ever. We're so blessed to have such a great family!

I'm with Mary, I cannot wait to see you guys next week!! I've been waiting a while for this! I can't wait until you all meet Ava!

Johanna said...

I just have to say that you are my hero (the grocery store trip)....there are sometimes I can hardly make it with one child. :)

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