Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Days

I used to love daylight savings. Catching that last glimpse of light in the sky around 9pm always signified summer - a great feeling. That was before I had kids. Now these long days have come to signify poorer sleep habits for Bella. On a normal schedule, bedtime for this little lady is 8:00pm. But with the sky staying light well past that time, we're hard pressed in convincing her that it's bedtime. I've given up trying and bedtime has pretty much turned into 9:00pm. It'd be nice if the later bedtime meant waking up later, but it's actually the opposite. She gets up earlier than usual because, again, the sun is up. We tried the room darkening shades last summer and it didn't seem to help like I had hoped. She sometimes naps, but then it just ends up keeping her awake even later at night. Not fun. I think that this sleep mess is also affecting her mood - cause she's been a handful again.

Example: Thursday morning we had plans to go fruit/veggie picking with some friends. I had a twenty minute battle with Bella over her outfit. Normally, I let her wear whatever she wants. (She wore that Sleeping Beauty outfit to the grocery store last week). I'm not always thrilled with her choices, but if we don't have any major plans, it doesn't really matter. Lately, however, she's been wanting to wear winter clothes. On this particular morning, she picked out a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Since we were going to be outside in 90 degree weather, this just wasn't going to work. There was a lot of screaming and throwing of clothes. . . but eventually I won this battle. We arrived at the farm just in time to see our group take off without us in the hayride that leads to the orchards. Now if we didn't have that battle, we would have arrived with plenty of time and Bella could have picked fruit with her friends.

Here she is picking cherries. Not super hip on picture-taking, but I did get this semi-posed smile. Here's our loot. Sampling the cherries at home. They taste good! A real smile! My Aunt Bia was in the area on business this week and we got together for dinner on Friday. I forgot to get the camera out and take pictures; but we had a really fun time. Bella behaved better for her than she did for us all week!

Today has been a good day. I've thanked Bella several times when I caught her listening well. After church, we went to Target and I bought her this pool that I've been eyeing up since last summer. I didn't take into account the fact that we don't own an air pump and this was a fairly big pool. All of the air in that pool came from me. It was a labor of love.
Bella really enjoyed herself, so it was worth it.
Taking a break to talk with Auntie Lori. I didn't get many photos of Graydon this week. I was either wearing him while I was taking pictures (at the farm) or he was sleeping when I had my camera out. I did happen to get this one of him and Bella yesterday. While Bella's sleep habits have been not-so-good, Graydon's have definitely improved. He goes to bed around 7:30pm, sleeps until around 5:00am (ish) when I feed him, then he goes back to sleep again until 7:00am (ish). This has been going on for about a week and a half now. I hope he keeps it up, cause it's been GREAT!

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Kurt and Jenn said...

not to that point yet with dressing ourselves, but my one thought would be to hide the clothes you definitely don't want her to wear. Maybe that would help. Like I said we learn as we go and we're not there yet, but maybe you'll have some good advice for me when we get there. Sounds like you are doing good though. Miss you.