Sunday, June 14, 2009

A week of firsts. . .

It was time. After about a month of Graydon watching us eat - his eyes following our food from the plate to our fork to our mouth - we started him on rice cereal.
I'd say that his reaction was neutral. Didn't love the stuff, but ate it up just fine. Well, until Bella (or Sleeping Beauty), shoved the spoon too far into his mouth. He was done after that.

All in all, though, a good first cereal experience.

The firsts didn't stop there. We decided to take advantage of all that the YMCA has to offer and get a family membership. Our first family activity was, of course, the pool. Bella couldn't wait. All morning she kept asking to go to the YGBS (clearly a little confused about the letters to the place with the big pool). Like the cereal, Graydon was pretty neutral to this experience as well. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. There were a few tears but I think those were from the cool water. He did great (and looked so cute in his swim trunks). Graydon is five months old now. This photo was taken about a week late since he turned 5 months while we were in Wisconsin and I didn't have his teddy bear with us. He is growing up so quickly. I felt like we had Bella forever before we started to feed her cereal (we started her at 5 months as well). It still feels like Graydon was just born (maybe that's because his sleeping habits sometimes resemble those of a newborn - but that's another topic). I try to soak in these days as much as I can; but it's like trying to catch water, it just keeps slipping through my fingers. Look at this big boy. He is such a delight. I call this photo "Pure Joy". Looks like Andy found just the right spot.Graydon has been experimenting with sounds lately. I definitely think I heard him say "hallelujah".

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Kreuser Family said...

Gosh, Bella & Graydon are gorgeous!

I hope that the rice experience is going good for Graydon! Even though his big sister may have turned him off of it for a bit-lol.
Ava's rice experience went good, but then we noticed that she was constipated...she'd go a whole day sometimes two without pooping. Needless to say, we're delaying rice for a big longer.

We miss & love you guys!!
We're looking into the New Jersey/Mass trip! I will let you know when we figure out more details and if it works for you :-D