Saturday, October 03, 2009

Anniversary Week

These are the flowers that Andy got me. Seven roses for seven years. When we first got married, our first anniversary seemed so far off. Hard to believe that we're at our seventh. Here's our anniversary photo. Upon reviewing photos from our past two anniversaries, it appears that we have pretty much done the same pose on the same couch. I think we need to get a little more creative. Next year.Spaghetti was on the menu that evening. Graydon got his first taste of it. We thought he was just shoveling it in until we took his tray off and discovered the majority of it on his lap. He's loving big people food. No more pureed stuff for this boy.
We celebrated our anniversary by taking a mini family vacation to Hershey, PA. Our main event was visiting Chocolate World. While there, we watched a 3-D movie. Check out our cool 3-D glasses. Bella brought this pink bottle along. She often fills one with water and brings it wherever we go in case her baby gets thirsty (she's a very attentive mommy). Graydon claimed it as his own this day and was very appreciative of big sister's preparations. We also took a little tour ride to see the chocolate-making process. Bella loved this part.Graydon was a little unsure. We stayed in a hotel that evening and did a lot of swimming in the pool. When back in the room, I ended up banishing Graydon to the pack 'n play for a little while. The kid is like a bull in a china shop. He was bumping into everything and grabbing onto every cord he could find. He is such a boy. Later in the week, Bella threw me a spontaneous birthday party complete with "cake" and "presents". She prepared everything by herself. Using her Beauty and the Beast dishes, she set a piece of cake (i.e. Honey Bunches of Oats cereal) for each of us. There were even presents. That were initially wrapped in this paper. We even sang the Happy Birthday song!

I am really loving Bella at this age. Of course every age has its cuteness, but I love seeing Bella's imagination and creativity explode. Just today, she transformed the living room into a beach with some chairs and blankets. The dining room chairs were our beach chairs and the blankets were the ocean. We swam in it and ran from the waves.

These days are truly filled with wonder and adventure.

We have a 9 month old boy who is very happy to pose with his teddy. He really looks older to me here. It's probably the teeth.
He was in an exceptionally good mood. If you look super close, you might even be able to see his top teeth coming in. It's officially fall around here. Andy came back from a corn maze yesterday with a gallon of apple cider. Love the stuff! I go through several gallons each fall.

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Kurt and Jenn said...

I love the rose thing, it's so sweet. Andy's gonna have to search for a super huge vase when you guys celebrate your 50th HAHA. Maybe he could just put them in your largest deepest cooking pot. HEHE. Congrats