Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots of great photos!!!!

My camera got a good workout this week. I've been wanting to take Bella's 4-year-old portraits and Tuesday was a beautiful day to do it. I'm pretty much done with taking her to professional places for portraits. I always walk away a little bummed (except for her baby pics). We had our family photos taken last week for our church directory and they turned out just OK. Graydon is not smiling and Bella has a cheesy, fake smile. When it comes to our whole family, I'm kind of at the mercy of other photographers; but when I have the ability to take the pictures myself, I'm definitely starting to opt for that route. Here are Bella's photos from the other day. I'm very pleased! This one is my top fave and the one that's going in the frame. OK family - if you want any pics of Bella, let me know which one and which size. I'll be bringing them home at Christmas!

Andy was planting some mums in the front yard and I thought that they looked like a nice backdrop for some photos of Graydon. Unfortunately, he's at that "I-don't-sit-still-for-more-than-five-seconds" phase. This is the best one I got and he is clearly on the move here. So we enlisted the help of Bella to keep him still.
There are quite a few that look like this. Graydon has a thing with faces. . . Who needs a dog when you've got this little guy? Some cheerios spilled on the floor. I went to clean them up and by the time I returned, every last one was gone.
We went to the pumpkin farm with a group from church today. The weather was perfect!

Bella in search of the perfect pumpkin.
Graydon found a keeper!Graydon waves now. This started last week. Here he is waving at all the friends in the pumpkin patch.
Bella found another one!
We also enjoyed the hayride!9 months old
A girl and her baby (this was begging to be scrapped)
Apple picking


Mary said...

I love the pictures with Bella withthe leaves in the background or by the tree trunk!!! I can't believe how much older she is looking these days. I can't wait till christmas.
Graydon doesn't even look like the baby that i remember him to be.

I miss you guys.

Auntie Mary

Kurt and Jenn said...

you have the most amazing camera, you could take a picture of Bella's hand and it would look gorgeous. What great pics. i love checking out your blog. Miss you guys.

Jenn, Kurt and Payton