Sunday, November 22, 2009

A little getaway

Andy took Tuesday off and, being that Wednesday is already a day off for him, we decided to take a mini trip and spend some quality time together as a family. During the week leading up to it, we couldn't decide on a particular destination, so we opted to just get in the car on Tuesday and drive. We knew we didn't want to go much further than 2 hours away; and after going just under that we found ourselves in Dover, Delaware.

First stop: visitor's center
Second stop: get some food
Third stop: find a hotel with a heated pool

Graydon was thrilled when we got into the hotel room. He did not sit still for a second. So much to explore. We weren't there for long before we made our way down to the pool.

We swam that night and the next morning. Before heading down, we were looking all over for the room key. Bella said that she had it in a safe place.
Yep. I'd say that's pretty safe.

Besides stopping at multiple parks for Bella to play at, we visited the Air Mobility Command Museum. The kids got to try out the little airplane. And sit in some bigger ones. Bella and I did a simulator where we actually flew and landed the plane. I managed the controls and watched the screen to see how I was doing. I actually landed it without crashing - something I was certain would happen. It was a proud moment for myself.Then we took a look at all the planes outside. And watched them take off. It's always nice to get away for a little bit.

Bella's birthday is a week from tomorrow. The first gift officially landed on our step two days ago. This girl was pumped! Uncle Jeff, Auntie Steph, and Sydney sent Bella this Mariposa Barbie. Here she is out of the box and put together.Bella showing off her new toy to Graydon.
She even slept with it that night. I think it's safe to say that she likes her gift.

Here's a couple of pics of Graydon and Daddy being silly together. I forgot to mention last week that Graydon had a doctor visit. It was supposed to be his 9 month check-up, though he was actually 10.5 months at the time. These are the new stats:

Height: 29 inches, 70th percentile
Weight: 19.6 pounds, 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 18 inches, 40th percentile

I was surprised by his weight percentile. Up until the last appt., he was 50th percent. or above. He's also pretty much the same size Bella was at this stage and she was never below the 50th percentile. I guess that's the difference between the boy charts and the girl ones. Our pediatrician didn't seem too concerned though. He's just predicting that Graydon will be tall and skinny. We'll see!

Oh and one other thing. He earned himself a lead test since our house is so old. We have to take him to the lab to get some blood drawn. Poor baby.

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Mary said...

poor guy!! i just got bella's bday gift today, so i'm hoping that i can get it sent this week. With having off on Wednesday i should be able to make that happen. But the Benetti procrastination may set in. LOL :))