Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In!

I almost forgot that I had a blog to get to this evening. Doesn't feel like a Sunday. The reason? Church was canceled. Why was church canceled? We were hit with 24 inches of snow!!! The snow started falling in the early Saturday morning hours and continued into Sunday morning. I haven't seen anything like this since we've been living in New Jersey. In fact, the news said there hasn't been a December storm like this since 1966! We're finally going to have a white Christmas!

Bella excitedly looked out the window that morning. "It's Christmas!" she said. The previous 24 hours hadn't been so good for her. It began with her waking up just after midnight the previous night. She was crying. She felt warm. She started coughing a lot. I brought her downstairs to lay on the couch where she proceeded to throw up on her blanket. She then watched Cinderella while I laid on the other couch, attempting to get what sleep I could. Unfortunately, sleep was not easy for me to come by that night because. . .

Graydon was also dealing with his own sick issues. For several days, he had a runny nose and slight cough. We also noticed a strange rash developing on his body that completely baffled us. He'd break out into red blotches and then an hour later they'd be gone. We tried to figure out what he might be allergic to, but couldn't think of anything new or different that he'd been exposed to. After some research, we determined that they were hives, which was later confirmed by the pediatrician. They can be caused by a virus, which may be Graydon's case. If they continue to reoccur, then we'll be seeing an allergist. The next day, Graydon's slight cough developed into a barky, croupy cough.

Two sick kids. Two exhausted parents.

By Saturday's snowfall, Bella was over 24 hours into her illness. She still had a slight temp, but she was up and moving around - a vast difference from the previous day where she literally laid in bed or on the couch ALL DAY. She was begging to go outside and since the fresh air would be good for her, we complied. She was happy. All bundled up and ready to play! Braving the blizzard. I happily took a few photos from inside the warm house. Notice our rake propped up against the fence. We still hadn't cleared the yard of all the leaves. Maybe we'll finally get to it in January. :) Bella made a snow angel and tried to put together a snowman, but the snow was too dry. Before all this snow melts, we really need to get this kid a sled!

And here she is inside and all warmed up, cute rosy cheeks and all. Sorry again for the lack of Graydon photos. Any picture of him would have been of a snotty, buggery, cranky, hive-y kid. Thankfully, both kids seem to be on the mend (though Graydon still has an icky cough). And. . . now Andy and I seem to have caught the colds. I think it's the kids' turn to take care of us.

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