Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too many trips to the doctor

After two trips to the pediatrician and one ER visit, we've seen all that we care to of the doctor this week.

On Monday evening, Bella began to complain of stomach pain - though she was pointing to her lower left rib/lung area as the source of the pain. It was manageable and she just warned us to be careful not to touch her there.

Tuesday, all day, not a problem. Later in the evening - around 10 pm - she wakes up crying in pain. I rushed to her to try and calm her and find out what was wrong. She just kept crying and couldn't stop long enough to tell me. I soothed her as best I could as we figured out that her pain had come back - intensely.

We didn't know the cause or how serious/not serious this pain could be, but we didn't want to take any chances. It was now 10:30 pm. A friend from church came over so that Andy and I could both go to the ER while Graydon stayed at home asleep.

A chest x-ray revealed some cloudiness in the area where Bella's pain was coming from. The ER doc (who Bella was terrified of) said that is may be a slight pneumonia on its way out. She was already on Augmentin for an ear infection, so that should also take care of this too.

Great. Home we go. Sleep for everyone.

The next morning, Graydon had a scheduled dr. visit to re-check his chest (he wasn't sounding too great at his check-up the previous week). He's all cleared up - which meant shots for our boy. He was a trooper, but of course they hurt his poor little legs.

On Thursday, Bella's pain resurfaced again - and it seemd to get worse. More pain that laster longer. She spent the day on the couch watching movies.

That was one thing she didn't mind.

Then evening came and she woke up crying in pain once or twice. Things were still bad in the morning. I had a fear that the pneumonia was on the way in, not out. And, since we were heading into the weekend, we scheduled a visit with our pediatrician to check her out. Again.

Our ped. said that her lungs don't sound too bad and that she may have pulled something (due to her 2-month-long-cough-that-wouldn't-go-away). That makes sense to me as she had some pretty long, hard coughing spells. Thankfully though, the cough appears to have gone away in the past couple of days. Thank you Augmentin.

She remained in pain on Friday - afraid to move around much for fear of 'hurting her stomach'. Saturday was a little better and today. . . I haven't heard a thing about it.

Now the hangnail on her thumb that is hurting oh so bad. . . that's another story.
You can't tell from the photo that Graydon is watching "Baby Signing Time", but he is. Really, this photo is a pretty amazing phenomenon.This kid has no attention for TV (which I am fine with), but when "BST" is on, he will sit and pay attention for about three songs. Bella helps him with his signs. He has mastered "all done" and once we nail down "more", I have a feeling our mealtimes will be much more pleasant.
His spoken vocabulary is growing. . . I think. We hear a lot of "Ma Ma" and "Da Da". Sometimes they are in context, sometimes not. It's hard to tell at this point. . . but I have a feeling he's on the right track.
Due to Bella not feeling so well, we bought some popsicles. I intended to share mine with Graydon (ie. I give him a few licks). He had other ideas.I'm the one who ended up with only a few licks. Score for Graydon! How can I resist when it makes him so happy?
I did a little art project in Graydon's room. He now has a "mobile" hanging over his changing table.
Well, my cheap version of a mobile. I took some photos of his bedding and then "cut" them out in my photo editing software, printed the image, cut the circles, inked the edges, then hung it on the ceiling.

Graydon absolutely despises diaper changes. As soon as I start to even lower him to the table, he starts crying. I thought that something to look at above him might help.

It kind of does. Only, now he just cries out of frustration because he can't reach the circles.

At least it looks cute.


Anonymous said...

im so glad the kids are feeling better. I cant believe how much Graydon is turning into a little boy, and not a baby anymore. hope your feeling good.

Lori Benetti said...

awww i loooove that video SO CUTE!