Sunday, March 07, 2010

Thinking Spring!

As soon as the calendar turned to March, our house went into spring mode! (Having weather in the 50's these past few days has only helped encourage that). Bella kept pretty busy with a few craft projects.

Construction paper rainbow! She did a fantastic job with this one. Then she wanted to make a sun because it would be "beautiful".Painting the sun inspired her to make some flowers. I painted some as well. Sometimes it's so fun and relaxing to make art. After letting all of the paint dry, we cut out the flowers and Bella taped them to the windows. (I think she used about half a roll)! Our spring-ified kitchen! It's kind of hard to capture the whole essence in a photo, but these few things really do make the kitchen look so cheerful. Of course, our pretty kitchen did not come without a price. I left Bella alone with the (child-safe) scissors. She's been handling scissors pretty well and these did not have a pointy tip so I was not fearful of her getting hurt. Anyway, it didn't even dawn on me that Bella would cut anything besides paper that afternoon until she came to me all excited about what she discovered. . . "Look Mom! My scissors work just like yours and Dad's!"

She said this with a chunk of hair in one hand and the scissors in the other.

I thought the damage was minimal at first. But then I followed a trail of hair from the playroom to the dining room and realized that this new discovery was several minutes old. As I got a closer look, I saw that she had cut pieces from her left side that could pass for layers. No biggie. Then I saw the big chunk that she took from the top.

Her bangs that were finally long enough to tuck behind her ears were mostly on the floor. What was left was a big chunk that started at her forehead and made it back to the middle of her head.

The waviness to her hair is kind of a double-edged sword. It really disguises all of the unevenness; but also gives a kink to her new bangs, making them pretty impossible to work with.As a result, she's been wearing lots of flowers in her hair.Good thing I made a bunch of these a few weeks back.


Bella and Graydon have been playing together so nicely lately. I think their favorite thing to do is chase each other around the coffee table. Graydon finds this hysterical. On this particular afternoon, both wanted to play the piano. I love the friendship that they already have.This is his "Mommy Hold Me!" face. Works every time.***

This weekend was birthday weekend. Bella had two parties to go to. The first was on Saturday morning at a place called 'Sweet N' Sassy'. It was so adorable! The girls got to pick out princess dresses and get their hair, nails, and make-up done. I was sure that Bella would love it as she loves all of those things.

But. . . she was feeling super shy that morning. Didn't want to put on a dress, didn't want to get her nails done. And then she started crying. I was a bit unsure of how this would all turn out.

Then she saw the other girls getting their nails done - something that she looooooves. After a few minutes, she whispered to me, "I don't want green anymore." (Green was the current color of her nails that I had painted the day before). Nails led to hair and hair led to make-up. Before long, she was all decked out.

Here she is getting the princess treatment. This was just after she agreed to getting her nails done. You can tell by her face that she was still a little uneasy at this point.I think this was her first time wearing eye shadow. She picked pink.Here are all the little princesses! There were tons of dresses to choose from though the Cinderella style was clearly the popular choice. Princess Isabella! I wish I would have thought to take a picture of her hair. It was such a cute up do!

Like I mentioned earlier, the weather has been beautiful! We spent more time outside this weekend than we have in months. It was glorious!Today was birthday party number 2. Bella has been talking non-stop about this one since getting the invite two weeks ago. The location has a roller skating rink, bouncy slides, kid maze, and games (Chuck. E. Cheese style). She could not wait.

She had a blast!

I missed seeing her skate as I sat in the car with a napping Graydon; but did get to see her on the giant slides. I think this face says it all. Graydon also gave it a try. That was fun!
Good times!!!


Anonymous said...

the hair cutting incident kind of sounds like someone i know! You should post that picture??

Auntie Mary

Mary said...

The hair cutting incident kind of sounds like someone i know!!!!

Debbie said...

Yes, Karen, I remember someone not only cutting her hair, but also the little neighbor girls hair. Her grandma was not very happy with someone.

By the way, it is hard to figure out who likes the slide more, Andy or Graydon. Both your boys look like they are having fun!!