Monday, April 12, 2010

28 weeks.

The first week of my last trimester.

The beginning of the end of this pregnancy.
(photo courtesy of Bella)

If you're looking at this picture and the words "big" or "huge" come to your mind. Feel free to keep that to yourself. Oh, and definitely do not say the word "twins" to me. I got that comment yesterday. It didn't make me happy.

A word to the wise: never use those words in reference to a woman. Even a pregnant one. We really don't want to hear it. "Cute belly" and "you're all belly" make us feel so much better.

Thanks. :)


Suz said...

Bella, what a great photo of mom and your little brother or sister! Thanks for sharing! And Congrats, again, Karen! Grow, baby Grow!

The Josephs Family said...

As crazy as I might sound, I wish that my belly looked like yours! I'm 30 weeks now and still feel like people don't always believe me when I tell them I'm pregnant. I'm actually a bit jealous of pregnant mommas with bellies that stick out all nice and cute like yours! :)

Mom Debbie said...

I think you look good. Hard to believe you are starting your last trimester

mcbenetti said...

I was actually thinking that you are really small!!! :))

Anonymous said...

I look that pregnant on a fat day. You look tiny! Anyone that says otherwise is clearly delusional.