Thursday, April 01, 2010

15 months old!

I love this age - this in-between time when I can embrace Graydon as my baby and my big-boy-in-the-making. He is very much my baby when we snuggle together and rock before sleep times. I treasure when he uses my shoulder for a pillow and drifts off to sleep. I could put him down, but I don’t. Not for a while anyway. These are moments that I will absolutely miss.

I know it.

Then there are those moments when he is very much my big boy. Like at meals, for example. He’s got molars. . . and he wants to use ’em! How did he let me know this? Simple. By throwing the cut-up pieces to the floor and then whining for the food on my plate. I watched him eat a full slice of pear and what-do-ya-know. . . he bit off little pieces and chewed them up. Yes. He is ready. We know he's finished when he starts throwing food again or he fanatically waves his arms around, signing "all done". His signing and verbal vocabulary are both growing. In addition to 'all done', he signs 'milk', 'thank you', 'baby', and 'please'. I've got to say that the 'please' one is hard to resist. As soon as his chubby fingers start circling over his chest, I pretty much give in to whatever he requests.

I'll get stronger. Eventually.

There's a mischevious side to this little man. He's at the beginning stages of discerning right from wrong. At least some times. I'll be watching him and he'll, let's say, reach for an outlet. But before actually touching it. . . He stops. Looks at me. And waits - at least for a moment. What is Mom's reaction going to be? Will it be the same as last time? Yes, Graydon - my reaction is still the same. And, no - you can't play with the outlet.Does that always stop him? Not a chance.

I suppose listening skills come later.
He's definitely got the patience of a one-year-old. And by that. . . I mean that he has none.

It's hard to wait for Mommy to hold him when she's cooking dinner over a hot stove. It really stinks when he has to wait for us to get him out of the high chair. And, it's no fun to take turns with big sister when playing with Daddy (which is what's going on in this photo).
But he's gotten so good at entertaining himself. I really think our lives all changed around here when Graydon became mobile. He was suddenly much more content. He revels is his increased independence and this whole world (or at least, house) all around him that is waiting to be discovered.

I must admit that this joy is as much mine as it is his.When crawling turned to walking and walking turned to running, my ability to photograph this kid took an all-time low. Which is why this is the only photo I have of him smiling and looking at the camera.If you could see below where the photo cuts off, you'd see that I have him pinned down while my foot tickles him.

You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Graydon is 15 months old now. In three months, we'll call him an official Big Brother.

Big Brother - such a "big boy" thing to be.

But I have no plans to stop calling him My Baby Boy any time soon.

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Gma Debbie said...

Loved this blog on Graydon. He is such a wonderful little boy. A person can't help but love him