Friday, April 16, 2010

Life's a party!

Anything is reason enough for a party with Bella. If we're having grilled cheese for lunch, she will declare it a "grilled cheese party!"

Yesterday she decided to take it all one step further and decorate.

The reason? None - at first. Though it gradually evolved into a pretend birthday party for Daddy.

Streamers - made and hung by BellaTissue paper pom poms - she initially tried to attach them to the refrigerator with magnets and when that didn't work settled on the kitchen counter.
Balloons! Of course. And a snack area complete with plates, cups, and utensils.
I missed my photo-op with the party hats. Those were also included.

Turning an ordinary day into a celebration. . . that's my girl!


mcbenetti said...

i love that flower in bella's hair!!

Kreuser Family said...

awww! how fun!