Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Sister, Big Brother

It was no secret that Bella was hoping for a new baby sister. She prayed for one and talked constantly about "Amelia Rose" (our girl name) but could hardly even remember "Curtis Michael". Before Curtis arrived, I kept reminding her that this baby could be a boy - to which she replied, "But I really, really want a sister. I already have a brother."

When Curtis was born and he was indeed a boy, I was slightly concerned with how Bella would react. We didn't tell her that Pumpkin was a boy until she arrived at the hospital. I was holding Curtis in my arms and invited her over to see. When she came to me, I introduced Pumpkin to her as "Curtis Michael".

Her initial reaction broke my heart, just a little. I think I would have preferred a big fit or tantrum. Instead, she gave us a big smile that I could see right through. It was for our benefit but did not indicate her true feelings. It was also obvious that she was holding back tears, all while trying to keep this forced smile on her face. It still makes me sad just thinking about it.

Here she is holding Curtis moments after finding out that he was a baby brother.I knew that this news was rough on her but that she would eventually warm up to her little brother. I am happy to say it happened sooner that I thought it would. Andy brought Bella to the hospital the next day for an extended visit. My mom stayed at our house with Graydon. We talked with Bella about how she was feeling and she had already done a complete turn. She said things like, "I love my little brother." And, "Having two little brothers is the best!"

I could tell that she meant it. Here are some photos from that day at the hospital.Since we've been home, Bella has been so attentive to Curtis. She wants to hold him.And feed him.
One night she was in tears while going to bed because she was going to miss Curtis. "He's just so cute and little and I'm going to miss him so much."

I went to a friend's baby shower today. Bella was upset. Not because I was leaving, but because I was taking Curtis with me. She wanted him to stay with her.

I think it's safe to say that she loves this little guy. And although he seems a bit ambivalent in this photo, I can tell that Curtis loves her too.
As far as Graydon goes, I have to say that I am impressed and pleasantly surprised at his reaction to and interaction with his little brother. He's probably 90% gentle and 10% rough with him. I thought it would be the opposite. Graydon has been in a hitting phase lately. It's more playful than mean (most of the time), but still not something that I want him doing to a tiny guy like Curtis. So when he leans in (several times each day) to give Curtis a hug, it really warms my heart.And I think it is so adorable when he runs his hands over Curtis's head and says "gentle".He definitely has a fascination with Curtis. I'm guessing he's just not used to seeing anyone so tiny. I am really looking forward to watching their relationship develop over time. And here is a sight that I never tire of. My THREE kids together!!!I look at each of them and can't believe that their precious lives began and grew inside of me. Such a miracle. I sure do love them!


Kreuser Family said...

Such a cute post!! I LOVE the picture of Curtis all curled up in Bella's arms. I can just imagine Graydon hugging Curtis! Gosh, such a cute family!

The Josephs Family said...

Wow! Ameila was our girl's name too! It could have been very feasible for both of us to have Ameilas on the same day. But we were blessed with our handsome little men instead! Looks like your family is adjusting well to the newbie! Keep the cute pictures coming!