Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandma Debbie's Birthday!!!

The day was Friday, July 2nd. It was our second day home from the hospital. Bella's ballet class recital was at 9am. I rushed to get her ready and Graydon fed. Andy and Curtis were going to be with us as well, but Curtis was still asleep when it was time to go and we didn't have the heart to wake him - so Andy stayed back. Good thing I already had some pumped milk available.

Off we went, Grandma, Bella, Graydon, and me. We arrived in time and then I realized. . . I forgot my camera. No pictures or video of her first recital. I still have mommy-guilt over it. My mom did get some video with her cell phone, but I couldn't figure out how to get it on the blog. :( The photos below are from last month when she had her class picture. I let her wear make-up. She looks pretty - but a bit too old for my liking. No more make-up for a while.
Bella performed beautifully. At the end, each girl was given a trophy. Bella is so proud of that trophy. We had it up in her room, but she has since brought it downstairs for all of us to enjoy.

After the recital, we headed over to a pottery place to work on Grandma's birthday present.

Bella and Grandma got right to work.
Curtis snuggled up with me. He looks huge here. Love that double chin! We made my mom a platter with the kids' hand and feet prints.This was what Curtis looked like while we did his prints. What a trooper!Later in the evening, we kept true to the Benetti tradition and had pizza and ice cream cake. Andy and Bella picked up a balloon for my mom, but Graydon claimed it right away and did not let go. Not even to eat.Make a wish! Several weeks before my mom came to town, Bella began working on birthday presents. She ended up with three total and gave them to my mom throughout the day: a flower necklace, painted frame with a colored picture inside, and a stickered wall hanging. Here they are opening up the final gift. I still think that my mom's time here went way too fast. We already can't wait for the next visit!

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Kreuser Family said...

Mom came home and the first thing she talked to me about was how great her birthday was!
Bella is such a pretty ballerina! I love how long Graydon's hair is getting! Such a cutie! And Curtis-what a good looking new born!!
Can't wait to see all of you soon! The kids are getting so big!