Sunday, July 18, 2010


Curtis turns three weeks old tomorrow. He is nine days in the photo above. I'm finding myself very sentimental lately. The other day while rocking Graydon, I glanced at his foot. It looked huge. The image of Curtis's tiny feet ran through my mind and then my eyes filled with tears. It's going to go so fast. I feel like Graydon was just this size and now look at him. . .
Curtis still has his cord stum here. It fell off that night. 1o days old. Earlier in the day during quiet, alert time. So far, he seems to be a pretty relaxed baby. Mild mannered. And when he does fuss, easy to console.
He likes to be swaddled. He likes his paci. He likes to be held. And combination of the three does wonders.
(12 days old)
He is already changing before my eyes. As of his dr. appt. last Tuesday, he surpassed his birth weight and was 8 lbs. 2 oz. I know that he's gained some ounces since then and can already seem him filling out. He's also starting to lose that "sunburnt" look that all newborns have. And, he's already rolled over - several times!
We gave him his first tub bath last night. As you can see - not a fan.But as soon as we placed him in the towel, he completely mellowed out. Nights are going about as well as they can at this point. He already seems to be getting himself on a little routine - down for the night at 9pm, up again around 2am, then 5am, then 7:30am at which point he's ready to start the day. Of course, not every night follows this pattern, but in general he's up about 2-3 times.

Before Curtis was born, I had visions of snuggling with him on the porch while Bella and Graydon played in the yard. Generally, my fantasies never match reality. This time, however, they did. Most of our days look just like that. The reason, though, isn't because I'm this great mom who wants her kids to get some exercise and fresh air. The reason is because my house stresses me out. Toys everywhere. Dirty dishes in the sink. Laundry piling up. Dust accumulating. I'm trying to embrace the chaos and go easy on myself during these early weeks. The easiest way to do it - ignore it. And the easiest way to ignore it is to go outside. I'm so thankful that Curtis was born in the summer! I'll address the mess eventually, but for now I'm just enjoying my little ones.

Doesn't Graydon look like such a sweet boy here?
Looks can be deceiving. Remember when I said how gentle Graydon was with Curtis. Well. . . I think it's safe to say that the novelty of the new baby brother has worn off. He's probably about 90% rough and 10% gentle now.

A common scenario from this past week: I'm feeding Curtis. Graydon brings me his shoes. (His way of letting me know that he wants to go outside). I tell him to wait until I'm finished with Curtis. He throws his shoes and then starts to hit Curtis.

Graydon got his first time-out this past week.

I know this behavior is to be expected, but I much preferred when he was the loving big brother.

Check out Bella's new look.Her first (and hopefully only) black eye. She ran right into her door latch. I was just a few feet down the hall from her when it happened and as she headed toward me I could see it grow bluer and puffier right before my eyes.

I've definitely thought twice about taking her out in public with me. All I need is somebody thinking that I did this to her!

Random stuff:

*I referred to the baby as "Gratis".

*Andy referenced a conversation that we had just before going to bed. Although he says I was awake (apparently I was even standing up in our room), I have absolutely no recollection of this conversation.

*I was horrified when I noticed how long Graydon's nails had gotten. They clearly hadn't been trimmed since before Curtis was born. I trimmed them up as soon as I got a chance. . . One week later.

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mary said...

I can't wait for you guys to come home. Only about a month and a half! Bella sure does have that bright smile when she's holding curtis. I'm not sure if I ever had that, I was just like...omg, there's another one! Lol....jk mom!!