Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One month!

Can it really be one month already? It feels fast and yet it feels like he has been a part of our family forever. Curtis is a pretty happy baby and if he were my only child, I don't think he'd ever cry. He loves to be held and will lay content in my arms. I talk to him and sing to him and he just looks up at me. He smiled at me two days ago. I think there were a few half smiles in the days leading up to it, but this one was deliberate and directed at me. It lit up his whole face. And mine too.But there are times when he does cry. Times when he just wants to be in Mommy (or anyone's) arms but can't because I have to change Graydon's diaper or put him down for a nap, or just give him some attetion. That is hard. I feel so torn and don't want any of my kids to feel slighted.But when Curtis gets upset, he's pretty easy to calm down. It usually involves just picking him up and holding him. . .

. . . which I love to do. :)

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Kreuser Family said...

He is such a good looking baby! His attitude reminds me of Ava. She was the easiest newborn to take care of! People wonder why I never wanna leave her lol. I'm happy to hear he's a good baby-it's gotta be hard to handle the 3 kids, but trust me, they don't feel slighted-they got there mama at home with them and they have each other. They won't remember the few minutes that they cried-they'll remember their mommy loving & comforting them.