Monday, September 13, 2010

Bella's First Day of Preschool. . .

We enrolled Bella in preschool last fall. Initially, preschool wasn't something that was even on my radar. I never went. Plus, I'm a stay-at-home-mom. In my mind, preschool was for kids whose parents both worked.

But we had a pretty shy little girl on our hands who very rarely wanted to be separated from us. I had visions of dropping Bella off on her first day of kindergarten and her clinging to us in fear of this new and potentially scary experience. That's when we started to consider preschool. It would give her an opportunity to do something apart from us and to meet some friends that may carry over into her kindergarten class (I specifically looked for a preschool that would feed into our elementary school).On that October day last fall when we went to look at the preschool and meet the teacher, Bella was very quiet and had tears in her eyes. Later I learned that she thought I'd be leaving her there that day. In the months that followed, we talked up preschool as much as possible. Some days she felt brave and excited. Other days she cried and told me that she didn't want to go.During these past few months, however, I've noticed a big change in Bella. She's really started to come out of her shell. She's more talkative with others and more willing (and even wanting) to have a babysitter. Ever since July, she's been ready for school to start. It helped that we found out a church friend would be in her class.

Here she is in her classroom today - her very first day. This was the only photo that she'd allow me to take there. I left a happy little girl at preschool. One who was ready to venture out into this world (or at least a small part of it) on her own.

The only tears were mine.

It's the beginning of letting go.

Here are Bella's thoughts on her first day of preschool:

First Day of Preschool from Karen Kilps on Vimeo.


The Josephs Family said...

Fantastic idea to take a video of Bella telling you about her day. I had tears in my eyes, too. I don't want Mads and Nathan to grow up yet! Mads keeps telling me how she wants to go to school already. :(

Gma Debbie said...

Bella looked so cute for her first day of school. Glad she liked it and that you survived!!!!!