Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flower Girl

Miss Bella played the role of Flower Girl today.

This attempt went much better than almost two years ago at Auntie Jodi's wedding.

She nailed it!!!

I have decided that Graydon can't get mad at me when he's older and doesn't have a ton of pictures from this stage in his life.  I kept trying to take his photo and the only time he even looked at me was when his big cup was in front of his face. 

Andy and Bella had a little date night tonight.  They both went to the reception. . .

. . . and I stayed home with the boys.

(I know, I know.  Again, no pants on this kid.  For what it's worth, I just changed his diaper and soon after was going to get his pajamas on.  Pants seemed kind of pointless at that point).
Out of all my kids right now, I would say that Bella is my lowest maintenance.  She can do more things for herself and I can reason with her.  But tonight, with just Graydon and Curtis, was so easy.  Graydon played nicely - no screaming, fit throwing, crying, etc.  Bella is an awesome big sister who loves her little brothers - and I know that they love her.  But I could tell that Graydon was enjoying the freedom of kind of "ruling" the house tonight.  It very rarely occurs when Graydon is around and Bella isn't (he naps while she is at preschool in the afternoon).  He could play with whatever he wanted and no one was going to take anything away or tell him what to do.  I also got some one-on-one time with him (also very rare) while Curtis slept.  It was a pleasant evening for all.


Rebecca said...

you have such beautiful children! I wish i was closer and could see them grow up in person! I hope I am half the mom you are! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

mary said...

I can't believe how much all 3 of them have changed. Bella gets prettier everyday. I love her hair....
Can't wait for xmas!