Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happenings. . .

There's been a lot going on with our little family over these past couple of weeks.   

Graydon Happenings:
He had a doctor check-up at the beginning of the month.  Our little guy is growing up in height just fine - two inches in the past three months.  He is now 34 inches tall and in the 75th percentile!  His weight however, that's a different story.  He didn't even gain one pounds in these past three months and his percentile dropped from 25th to 10th.  He currently weighs 23 pounds 1 ounce. 

Our doctor isn't too concerned at this point because he is growing in inches, which means he is still getting proper nutrition.  She just wants us to try pushing foods like cheese, peanut butter, avocado, etc. and we'll see how things are at his two-year check-up. 

Part of me just wonders if he is already getting Daddy's high metabolism.  We'll see how things look in the next few months. 

Another big event in Graydon's life is that he got his first haircut last Saturday.  Here he is before:
The summer's humidity gave Graydon adorable curls.  With the humidity gone, his hair just started to look messy.  I tried to push this off for as long as I could, but it was time. 
Here he is after.  Sort of.  Andy did end up taking a little more off the top a few days later.  I haven't taken a picture of it yet. I'll admit - I was a little sad that the curls were gone.  But he does look so handsome.  (And like such a big boy).     

Bella Happenings

I went with Bella on a class field trip to the Adventure Aquarium.

We saw all sorts of fish, sharks, sting ray, seals, penguins, etc.  It was nice to do an activity with just her (and her school friends). 

Unfortunately, she had a bad dream about the jellyfish the other night.  The price you pay for a little education.  :)

Later in the week, she had a visit from her friend Katelyn who moved away last spring.  These two played for hours at the park and were very sad to have to say goodbye again.

Curtis Happenings

He continues to be one of the sweetest little babies that I know. 

He had one of his best nights of sleep last week, going from 9pm - 6:30am.

He still is up usually once and sometimes twice, though.  And it often takes him a little while to actually fall asleep at night.

We'll get there.

Family Happenings

I feel like these days have been crazy busy lately. So I'm very thankful that we could steal away some family time to go apple picking.

Bella picked pretty much all of our apples.  

Graydon found all the stray apples on the ground and tossed them around like baseballs.  Such a boy. 

We really couldn't have asked for a more beautiful fall day. 

Later on we made some mini caramel apples and apple pie.


Kreuser Family said...

Graydon does look very handsome with his new hair cut! I love it! Bella is as pretty as ever and little Curtis needs to go into modeling. You take such professional pictures! Come back to WI and take Ava's pics! lol

Great post!

Kurt and Jenn said...

WOW, can you be my photographer, you always take the most gorgeous pictures. I had to show Kurt those pics of curtis. I'll have to book a shoot someday when we actually get to have another baby :) anyways, Graydon looks so adorable with his new haircut and you have to tell me how you make those mini caramel apples. YUM. You look like you are doing great. Love and miss you,

mary said...

Oh my, curtis has the most handsome blue eyes. Reminds me of bellas when she was a baby. Bella and graydon are just as precious as ever.
Looks like you guys have enjoyed some nice weather out there, not so much here.
Can't wait till xmas!!

Casino Guide said...

These are all fairy tales!