Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Farms

First trip to the Pumpkin Farm this week:  Wednesday.  This was another field trip with Bella's class.  Just the girls again.  Daddy stayed home (it was his day off) with Graydon and Curtis.

Our second trip (to a different farm):Today. This time the whole family went. It was our annual Sunday School trip to the farm. Another BEAUTIFUL fall day!

Two boys and their pumpkins.  Getting Graydon to look at me was a real challenge.  He was too busy throwing his pumpkin around like a ball.  (I am starting to notice a theme here). 

Our family grew this week!  My brother and his wife welcomed a sweet baby girl into this world on Thursday morning.  Here is Rose Lynn Benetti.  Isn't she precious!
I am happy to say that, as of about an hour ago, the internet on my computer is working!  Andy has been troubleshooting my problem for weeks now and he fixed it!  I have such a great husband.


Bridget said...

Grayden still has some curls, yay! The kids are adorable :)

mary said...

i see a theme as well!! Maybe i'll get Graydon a baseball and catchers mit for xmas. Actually..i think that is a good idea.