Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmastime is here!

Our halls are decked!

Here's my stud stringing the lights.  (So glad that he does this each year!)

We were strategic this time around.  The tree and lights went up when the kids were in bed.  We just saved all of the ornaments for the kids to hang the next morning.  

Christmas music filled the room and Bella and Graydon played together so nicely while waiting to tear into those ornaments.  Such a nice morning!

Bella picked the first ornament to hang.  She said very excitedly, "I'm going to hang this one of Curtis!"

Um Bella. . . that's you. 

Graydon's favorite ornaments were any with bells.  But ever the mischief-maker, we caught him behind the couch shattering a glass bulb into tiny pieces.  Thankfully he didn't hurt himself.   

He continues to prove over and over that our eyes must be on him at all times. 

Curtis's job was to sit there looking cute. 

No problem there.

This tree is looking pretty festive now.

And it already has a gift underneath!

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