Friday, February 25, 2011

Smarty pants

A few months ago, Graydon learned the alphabet song. I was pleased enough that he knew all of the letters and the order they came in. The other day, he took it a step further.  While reading a letter book, he started saying the letters before I got a chance to.  He named each of them correctly except "G" and "X".  I'm impressed!

Bella has been into "Knock knock' jokes lately.  They go a little something like this:

Bella:  "Knock knock!"
Me:  "Who's there?"
Bella: "Window"
Me:  "Window who?"
Bella: "Window - You forgot to look out your window last night"
Bella: (hysterical laughing)

Her Knock Knock jokes always follow the pattern of something that I forgot to do last night.

Well, Graydon came up with his own Knock Knock joke.  I'll let him share it with you himself.

The counting is a pretty recent development as well.

So proud of this little guy!

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mcbenetti said...

Miss you guys! Everytime I see new pics, my heart melts..