Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter Week:

Bella and Graydon picked up some branches from the yard and we worked on a little project. Easter egg nests! (I saw it in Family Fun magazine.) Lots of great ideas there.

On Saturday, we dyed our eggs.

I wrote our names on the boiled eggs with clear crayon just prior to dyeing them. Bella was amazed when her name magically appeared on an egg.

Our colorful eggs in their little homes.

Easter day:

Our church had its annual Sunday School program and Easter bonnet contest. I didn't get any photos from this since my hands were pretty full with Curtis. Here are their hats:

Bella's bonnet- she designed and made this herself. The only thing I did was hot glue some of the elements in the places where she told me to.

Graydon's crown - I envisioned him having a bigger role in the making of this, but after doing the tissue paper grass with me, he was done. So I got to put the foam stickers wherever I wanted.

And then he wouldn't wear it. I ended up giving it to another little boy who didn't have a hat to wear.

Curtis wore bunny ears.

Here's Bella and Curtis all dressed up.

I did not ignore my middle child. But an overly bright sun and uncooperative two-year-old made this the only photo I got of just him.

After our church service, we got a photo of the whole family.

And I couldn't let the day go by without a photo of the kids all dressed up. Ideally, I would have gotten these in the morning before church and before shirts got untucked and hair lost its curl. But I'm on my own on Sunday mornings and I barely got out the door in time as it was.

If you'll notice, Graydon has another owie. This time on his lip. His bump/bruise finally cleared up on his forehead and then he fell on the concrete while chasing a ball and scraped his lip. We had a few days for it to clear up a little.

I'm always happy to get a shot of smiling children, but I love the candid photos we took even more. They are so playful with each other.

After being such great kids, we went home, got comfortable and searched for Easter baskets. Bella found hers right away - in the bathtub. And she helped her brothers find theirs too.

We followed that up with a delicious lunch at the home of one of our church family's. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the greatest victory this world has ever seen.

He is risen!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Doctor appointments

Graydon had a weight check. Normally, he shouldn't have to go back for a check-up until he turns three. But our little guy is a little guy and they want to monitor his weight. Unfortunately, he didn't gain any weight. In fact, he actually lost half a pound. I'm pretty sure that the weight loss was due to a stomach bug that he had last week and the subsequent loss of appetite that followed it. Still, we have to bring him back again in one month. If he fails to gain weight, then they're going to have to run a bunch of tests. I'm thinking that Andy should be at the next appointment. That way the docs can see the gene pool that we're working with here. Operation Beef-up Graydon has officially begun!

On another note, it turns out that Graydon has an infection in his left ear. That definitely explains a lot of the crankiness this week. He has been a bear. Amoxicillin to the rescue.

Curtis had a regular check-up. His stats are:

Weight: 19 lbs. 1 oz. (25th percentile)
Height: 29 and 1/8 inches (75-90th percentile)
Head circumference: 18.5 inches (90th percentile)

So it really is Curtis's big head that makes him look like a big baby. As you can see by his percentages, he is not tipping the scales too high either. But he is very healthy and developing just as he should. Two shots later (polio and hepatitis B) and we were out of there.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bath time for Curtis!

Curtis usually gets his baths in the tub, but I thought a sink bath might deter Bella and Graydon from wanting a bath too. I still bathe Curtis separately from Bella and Graydon because:
  1. between the two of them and their toys, I'm not sure where Curtis would even fit 
  2. I can bathe Curtis in 10 miniutes whereas Bella and Graydon like to be in there for at least an hour (about 10 minutes for cleaning and the rest for playing).
Whenever I give Curtis a bath, I ALWAYS have two big kids whining and complaining that they want a bath too. This night was no exception even though we were at the kitchen sink. Bella quickly moved on, but Graydon was VERY unhappy that he couldn't get a bath.

And apparently the fact that Curtis was in the sink was not going to stop him. In true Graydon form, he pushed a chair up to the kitchen counter and climbed up.

First in were his hands.   

And then his feet.

At least the whining and complaining had stopped. There's been a LOT of that from him this week.

He is a very determined little boy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Here comes the sun!

The weather is warming up.

It's nice to be outside to throw the ball around.

And go exploring in the yard.

Welcome Spring!

We are so ready for you.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

It's all fun until someone gets hurt

Bella and Graydon's new thing is dancing in the living room. They put in their Worship Jamz cd, grab hands, and begin their hyped-up version of ring-around-the-rosie. This always ends with them purposefully falling to the ground, laughing hysterically.

One time, however, it didn't end that way.

Graydon ended up falling to the ground and smacking his head on the radiator. Within seconds, a goose-egg appeared on his forehead. It looked to me like a tumor coming out of his head. He, of course, was crying hysterically.

Most of the swelling is down now. This is how it looks a few days later. I really don't think that the camera does justice to how truly gnarly it looks.

But I guess he's not too worse for wear.