Monday, April 18, 2011

Bath time for Curtis!

Curtis usually gets his baths in the tub, but I thought a sink bath might deter Bella and Graydon from wanting a bath too. I still bathe Curtis separately from Bella and Graydon because:
  1. between the two of them and their toys, I'm not sure where Curtis would even fit 
  2. I can bathe Curtis in 10 miniutes whereas Bella and Graydon like to be in there for at least an hour (about 10 minutes for cleaning and the rest for playing).
Whenever I give Curtis a bath, I ALWAYS have two big kids whining and complaining that they want a bath too. This night was no exception even though we were at the kitchen sink. Bella quickly moved on, but Graydon was VERY unhappy that he couldn't get a bath.

And apparently the fact that Curtis was in the sink was not going to stop him. In true Graydon form, he pushed a chair up to the kitchen counter and climbed up.

First in were his hands.   

And then his feet.

At least the whining and complaining had stopped. There's been a LOT of that from him this week.

He is a very determined little boy.


Mary said...

Their soo cute!!

Grandma Debbie said...

Poor little Graydon. Got to be happy he loves his bathes.

Jay Edgar said...

Hopefully they'll keep that desire for bathing. :) I love the photo styling!