Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Such a gloriously beautiful weekend we had. Lots of outdoor activity. Lots of family time.

And pool time! Just like last Memorial Day, we found ourselves at "Miss Nancy's" pool.

So much fun. And so hot!

I stayed out of the pool with Curtis and we went for a long walk. He's been having a rough day.

We spent a good three hours at the pool and came home for our own little cookout.

Our rose bushes are starting to bloom! Just in time for a last minute Memorial Day centerpiece.

We brought our food (and kids, evidently) out via this window that opens up from our porch to the living room. During the summer months, there is usually a giant air conditioning unit in there. We've been putting off installing it and are hoping to get a different one that can be used in the dining room (our current one is too big for those smaller windows). This beast blocks out so much sunlight into the living room and takes up valuable porch space. And it is so LOUD! Really drives me nuts. Not exactly sure if the dining room will work out, but for now we'll enjoy this open space, light, and accessibility.

Our cook-out feast.

After dinner, the kids played outside for a bit. Graydon didn't have any shoes on (he came out through the window, after all). We sent him inside to get his sandals and this is what he came out in.  Stylin'.  For sure. 

This photo pretty much sums up Curtis's mood all day. Positively miserable. He's teething. He has a temperature. And I'm pretty sure a cold or allergies on top of it. He was so tired all day but rarely slept unless we were holding him. Any attempt to lay him down ended in defeat. Poor baby.

While we enjoyed this early summer day of fun and relaxation; we were mindful of the reason for this holiday. We took some time to honor the memory of the soldiers who fought in our nation's various wars and who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Freedom isn't free.

This upcoming week is Bella's last week of preschool which concludes with her graduation on Saturday.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a total mess.

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