Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bella's dance recital

Saturday was the big day!

Look who's all glammed up.  
Here is Miss Bella in her tap costume. 

They danced to 'Strange Things' from Toy Story.  
It was really cute. 

Then we got her changed into her ballet costume. 

I wanted to get some nice photos of her in this one too.  The dressing room (aka. . . high school classroom) didn't give the best backdrops, but she came up with these poses all by herself. 

And there they go again!

A little over four hours after it started, the recital was complete.  It ended with a trophy presentation.  After the trophy was awarded, one parent for each child was allowed to go up and give their little one some flowers.  Andy was our representative.  He gave Bella some beautiful pink roses.

A friendly mom took a photo of all three of us outside of the high school.  (Graydon and Curtis were at home with a friend of ours).

Here is our little dancer - so excited to have another trophy to add to her collection. 

Andy was in charge of the video camera this afternoon. Here is Bella's ballet dance.

Bella's ballet dance from Karen Kilps on Vimeo.

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Mary said...

someone is following in mommy's footsteps!! She looks adorable.