Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family fun in full effect

Family Fun Activity #11: Make Popsicles


On Tuesday night, we planned to accomplish FFA#2: Go to the Carnival. Unfortunately, at the last minute the weather decided not to cooperate.  Still in the mood for some quality family time, we improvised and went with FFA#34:  Have a Family Movie Night.

Andy dropped Bella and I at the grocery store.  We picked out a Red Box movie (Tangled) and bought a bunch of snacks. 

We technically accomplished three family activities with this one: Family Movie Night, Camping in the Living Room (which is what this turned in to), and Eating Ice Cream Cones (one of the treats we bought). But I decided that each family fun time only counts for one activity, no matter what the overlap is. So this just counted as Family Movie Night.

We tried the carnival again the following night. This time the weather was perfect!

Bella made this slide one of her first stops. She loved it from last year and was eager to do it again.

Graydon went on a few rides this time.

The bumper boats were his favorite.

He went on them twice.

We met up with some friends and took turns 
accompanying the kids on rides.

I carried this little guy around most of the night.

I carried him last year too - just in my belly instead of my arms. I saw many very pregnant women at this carnival and it reminded me of myself last year at this time. I was about 37 weeks pregnant and definitely looking it. This year was easier.

The night ended with a ride on the carousel.

A couple more from the night. . .  

The carnival is done.

But we still have lots of summer fun to come!

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