Thursday, July 07, 2011

Festivities for the Fourth!

The fun began at the shore on Sunday.  Bella was in her element.

She didn't want to ever leave the beach.

Graydon does not appear to be the water child that Bella is. He never even got close to the water. But he did enjoy the sand: running in it, throwing it, and watching it slip through his fingers. Fascinating.

Curtis sat content in his stroller. I don't know what we'll do when he starts running around too!

Bella was upset to leave the beach until we mentioned the boardwalk and how it was just like the carnival we went to last month.

She literally had the time of her life on this roller coaster. She laughed and screamed in delight. It was really a joy just seeing her have so much fun.

We went out with some friends, so Bella had a ride buddy the whole time.

We found some rides for Graydon and even Curtis to go on too.

I got to be Graydon's ride buddy.

By the end of the day, everyone was pretty beat. This is Graydon about five minutes into our drive home.

The next morning (July 4th!), we attended our local 4th of July parade.

I realized on this day that I really enjoy parades. They are such a positive reason to gather a large group of people and a great way to show support for all of the local organizations.

I loved it! And I'm pretty sure the kids did too (well I know they at least enjoyed all the candy that was thrown at them!).

Except for this guy. No candy for him just yet. He didn't seem to mind though.

After the parade, we hit up an ice cream parlour.

And by that point, both boys were about to lose it. Home for naps!

Later in the evening, we had our little backyard picnic. I decorated a few bags at the last minute (got the idea from The contents are Pirates Booty, potato chips, and goldfish. Would you believe that the greasiest bag in the end contained the goldfish! Seriously. How could they beat potato chips?!

And dessert. I loved these!

I intended to get some photos from our picnic, but the bugs were driving me crazy. We didn't end up lasting too long out there. Oh well. Next year we'll be more prepared with citronella candles or something.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

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i love how creative you are!!