Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First day of kindergarten

I woke Bella up around 7am that morning. The first words out of her mouth were the same as every other summer morning: "What are we going to do today?" I just laughed at her. And she laughed too when she remembered that this was the day she had been counting down to for the past three weeks!

Her outfit had been laid out the night before. The one that was picked out over a month ago. She couldn't wait to put it on.

And she knew exactly how she wanted her hair.
 Two pony tails.

By 8am she was growing impatient. She wanted to get going! But she still had over a half hour until her bus would come.

So I just took more pictures.

And tried to capture some details that I don't want to forget.

When it was time to head out to the bus stop, 
we all went together.

My mommy-heart was so happy that she had some older church friends on the bus too. I knew they'd take care of her.

The sight of this had me feeling a little weak.

Not Bella though. See her blurry leg. . . she ran to that bus and was so eager to get on.

I saved my tears for this moment.

And then turned around and saw that 
Graydon had some tears of his own.

I thought it was so sweet that he was sad to see his sister leave. But then he kept crying out, "My turn! My turn!" I soon realized that he wanted to get on the bus too.

Curtis was still just waking up at this point.

Andy, the boys, and I walked back to the house, loaded up the van, and headed to school to meet Bella when she got off.

Here she is setting eyes on her new school for the first time.

And this sweet lady putting a nametag on her backpack is her teacher.

When all the kids were accounted for, they headed in 
and Bella began her first day of school.

We then made our way to the orientation in the library. They gave out a ton of information that I don't even remember. But what will forever stick in my mind is when the Guidance Counselor announced our kids as the class of 2024. I think the eyes of just about every mommy in the room began to fill with tears.

Thankfully, those were the last of my tears. Bella loves school, thinks riding the bus is the coolest thing, and is making some good friends.

Here is Bella, in her own words, after her first day of school.
Bella's First Day of Kindergarten from Karen Kilps on Vimeo.

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mcbenetti said...

I think that I just got years in my ears when I read the class of 2024...